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You Want Your Boyfriend Back

boyfriend back after break up

You Want Your Boyfriend Back
By the author of How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back.


So, you want your boyfriend back? Well, of course you do! You've invested a lot in your relationship – women always do – and now you feel lost and alone, and maybe even just a bit unlovable now that he's gone and your relationship has ended.


Relationships break up for a variety of reasons. Some men get bored easily, or are just not ready for a relationship. Perhaps one, or both of you, were unfaithful or betrayed the other's trust in some way? Maybe you were too clingy, or not attentive enough? Or, just maybe, there were things that were placed above the relationship, such as a job, career, schooling –- even drug or alcohol addiction or abuse, or  another love interest.


If you want your boyfriend back, the very first thing you should do is to come to a complete – and unbiased – understanding of why the relationship did break up. It would do you no good to try to reunite with your boyfriend if the same issues that caused the breakup were still there – dominating the relationship and openly evident to both partners.


Maybe, too, you just want to get over the breakup and move on with your life, but you don't know how to do that because you still love him and you want him back.


If you truly want to get over him and the recover from the breakup, you must first learn 'acceptance'. Most of our pain comes from denying the truth and not accepting the fact that the relationship did break up.


When we do this we get too comfortable with our pain, and we start to feel that only in getting our boyfriend back will the constant discomfort ease up and stop those endless tears from flowing. So be careful not to get too comfortable in the grief.


If you want your boyfriend back more than you want to get over the breakup, then there are things you can do to win his heart again. Of course, if you go about it the wrong way, you could end up just driving him even further away. Either way, change is in order. You must work on the problem that caused the breakup. You must better yourself, and learn to accept your boyfriend exactly as he is, with no desire at all to try to change him. (The only way you can change somebody is by changing yourself.)


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In the meantime, it's important that you take a reality check and see the relationship, your boyfriend, and the breakup, in a true and accurate light. Don't romanticize him or the relationship. Nobody is as perfect as a broken heart will make him or her out to be. Trust me on that one. We always tend to place those who broke our heart up on a pedestal. Be careful not to make this mistake. I'm sure your boyfriend was no angel, just as you are not one yourself.


Lastly, don't make the mistake of begging him to come back. If you want your boyfriend back you must understand that you have to appear 'worthy' of a relationship, and when you beg or plead with someone to take you back you are making the impression that you are a 'nothing' or a 'nobody' without them, and that makes you also appear not 'worthy' of being loved by them.

All in all, you want your boyfriend back and it is making your life miserable in all respects –- or you wouldn't be reading this. We offer the help you need to get him back on your side, and back in your arms or to help you get over a breakup.


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