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Why Women Become Bitter and Close Off Their Hearts

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By Tigress Luv, The Breakup Guru

Women can have their soft, gentle, feminine innocence knocked right out of them. From Bad Boys, to Abusers, to Cheaters, to Users, to Narcissists, the list of creeps out there ready to disarm us is endless.




As in nature, we may be attracted to that which is opposite of us as a way to ‘complete us’ and make us feel whole. Our weak, complacent side may often (and naturally) seek out a mate that is strong, unyielding and hardened … but much to our dismay we soon find that many unyielding, hardened men come with much baggage…and this baggage is usually discharged at the weaker sex – us. We become safe targets, punching bags, and gullible, trusting guinea pigs who absorb the man’s pain and insecurities and who never fight back. We unwittingly let men devour us out of our faith, trust and love of them.


Nevertheless, eventually, we do wise up. We learn that some men can hurt us – deeply. And we become tough, strong, unyielding, and hardened.




After being hurt, let down, and disappointed time-after-time (in our relationships), we learn to stop being feminine, weak and trusting.


After being taken advantage of time-after-time, we stop being open, soft and vulnerable. Our hearts bolt shut and we become overly cautious and distrustful.


After being seduced time-after-time by the feigned charm of philanderers, we stop flirting and we become cynical, hard and impenetrable.


A hardened, unbreakable shell gradually replaces our soft femininity; and we soon possess a callous and sometimes contemptuous attitude, an unattached and distanced approach, and a suspicious, untrusting nature.




Unfortunately, deep down inside – under this new, rough, hardened exterior – lies the true, soft, feminine, beating heart of a damsel still dreaming of her knight. A heart that is all too flexible – a heart that is permeable, thin, and easily broken, still looking for that man that will sweep her off her feet, protect her from all the dragons, and lock her safely away in his arms forever after.


If the man in your life, or the men in your past, have made you close your heart, and hide your true feminine emotions, remember that you are only denying yourself the right to be a woman in all of a woman’s true glory. We may hide from pain, we may close our hearts in fear of them being bulldozed, but in the end we only hurt ourselves.


So go ahead and be that gracious beautiful soft gentle woman that you are. Today you should rejoice in your femininity. A woman’s loving heart and tender, impassioned soul is the most beautiful and natural thing on this planet. Without it, this world would be a very ugly place to live in.


And – somewhere out there – waits a man that would love to slay your dragons!


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