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Reasons Why You Don’t Have a Girlfriend

Eight Reasons Why You Don’t Have a Girlfriend


The rules of dating are no longer black and white; these days they’re filled with all sorts of gray. Do you want to pick up a girl at a bar? Is a grocery store an appropriate place to ask a girl for her number? Here are eight reasons why you haven’t found that special girl and a few things you can do to remedy the situation.

Reason Why You Don’t Have a Girlfriend 1.
You’re a Jerk

Let’s get this one out of the way right off the bat. One of the biggest reasons a man isn’t in a relationship is because he doesn’t understand women and really doesn’t understand how to treat them. Whether you have issues with your mother or some girl along the way took a piece of you - you’ve jumped off the track and can’t seem to get back on. Try starting with respect. Think of how you’d respect your mom, grandma, a nun, etc. and treat a woman with the same mindset.

Reason Why You Don’t Have a Girlfriend 2.
You Aren’t Looking

You’re too busy working on your M.D., owning a company, completing a raid, etc. and you don’t have time for women. Frankly, this is an excuse. Maybe you weren’t popular with women when you were younger, or you had some bad experiences, but shutting yourself off to women all together isn’t the answer. Go to the gym, the grocery store or invite friends over. Start by associating with women without the pressure of a potential relationship. You don’t have to stop doing the things you love or change your priorities to get back into the game.

Reason Why You Don’t Have a Girlfriend 3.
You Only Hang Out with Guys in Relationships

Somehow along the way all of your friends have found women and are in satisfied relationships while you missed the boat. You may be comfortable hanging out with your friends but this is no way to meet a girl... unless one of their significant others wants to introduce you to her cute friends. If you’re still single this is obviously not the case. Try a new hobby - with or without your buddies - like a sport, a gym, a cooking class, martial arts... anything. Even if it’s a hobby only males participate in, this could be your ‘in’ to hanging out with other single men.

Reason Why You Don’t Have a Girlfriend 4.
You’re Afraid of Intimacy

So many men suffer from intimaphobia. Yes, that was just made up. Men can be strong and successful but many forget that talking about their feelings is not a fault. Getting close to a woman doesn’t mean a man has to marry her and it doesn’t mean she’s going to attach herself to him like a leech. Men who feel more comfortable setting ground rules - like agreeing to hang out only a few times a week at first - should make sure to communicate these rules to the woman he’s seeing. Take a woman on a date, even if you’re not completely interested in her, and get used to dating again. But try not to lead her on.

Reason Why You Don’t Have a Girlfriend 5.
You Don’t Think You’re a Relationship Kind of Guy

What does this mean really? It means you aren’t a fan of being with just one girl; or you don’t think you’re the type of guy that deserves a relationship; or maybe you’re afraid you’ll get into a relationship, begin to dislike the girl and break her heart. If this is you, this mindset needs to be thrown out the window right now. Many men feel as though a relationship will push them into adulthood before they’re ready, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Just like the men who are afraid of intimacy, men who don’t think they’re a ‘relationship guy’ need to start off slow by going on a date. Keep it simple and don’t make a woman think you’re interested if you’re not. Also, try to keep the physical intimacy on hold until after the second date - this may change your perspective.

Reason Why You Don’t Have a Girlfriend 6.
You’re ‘That Guy’ Too Often

Do you or someone you know slap the rear ends of random women at bars? What about saying things that make your friends look at you with incredulous eyes? If you or a friend is ‘that guy’, you most likely look like a loser... even if you aren’t. These men may think they’re goofy most of the time but unfortunately many women don’t see these actions through the same eyes. First these types of men need to stop, take a step back, and think about why they are choosing to act this way. Showing off chugging skills really isn’t the best way to attract a woman. A good first move would be asking for a woman’s name and beginning a conversation before taking a hand to her nether regions.

Reason Why You Don’t Have a Girlfriend 7.
You’re Too Nice

The nice guy syndrome. You’re polite, respectful and before you know it you’re sitting tight in the friend zone. Now what? Well, obviously it wouldn’t be right to tell a man to stop being nice to women. Start by setting your own boundaries. Ask a girl on a date and call it a date. Try a few zingers - make fun of a girl with out actually making fun of her. Challenge her and don’t feel like you have to go along with everything she says. Don’t cry at the movie and don’t introduce her to your mom until you’ve been officially dating for a while. For more information about why women need you to be just a bit more like a ‘bad boy’ visit This information will really open your eyes up – and make you HOT with the women!

Reason Why You Don’t Have a Girlfriend 8.
You’re Too Picky

You think you deserve Aphrodite in human form. Many men spend first dates looking for and subsequently finding each woman’s flaws and they’re never happy with the girls they choose. Guess what? Everyone has flaws, including yourself. Take a moment and write down the most important things you’re looking for in a woman. If GPA is on the list then it needs to be edited and you need to take a step back. Rate the list; which qualities are more important - looks or career? Once you’ve written the list, lock it up and realize that a first date isn’t an interview for marriage. Have fun and each time you compare a girl to the list, stop yourself.



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