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Why Do Narcissists Get Married?

why narcissist marry

Why Do Narcissist Marry and Why do they Marry so Soon?

By Tigress Luv, author of The Counterfeit Heart: Living with, Loving and Leaving a Narcissist

Why do narcissists marry? Because there is something in it for them.


Why do narcissists marry so soon after their previous relationship is over? To prove that the ex meant nothing to him and that what she thinks of him is not valid. That the ex was the flawed one, not him.


Why do narcissists get married? It is a power and control thing. He will then be in control of her. Her finances. Her assets. Her life. Her feelings. His intent is to keep her supplying him with his narcissistic supply, and have rights to her assets when the supply runs out.


Why do narcissists marry so quickly and fast after starting a new relationship? They want to entrap the woman as fast as they can before she sees his true and damaged self. He knows he cannot keep that mask on forever.


Why does a narcissist want to get married? Because it is harder for the woman to leave him when she has made a commitment, taken a vow, and share property and, perhaps, children.


Why does a narcissist enter a marriage if they do not take it seriously? Because they do take it seriously – that is, the procurement of possessions part – they do not feel or believe in the love and emotional intimacy part. They take only what is in it for them seriously, and nothing else matters. Not her feelings, not the children. Sometimes it is just a major ego boost to have someone agree to marry you after only a few dates. And. They. Cannot. Be. Alone.


Why does a narcissist marry? Because it enriches his plans to demonize, hurt, and punish his ex for leaving him, or for not worshipping him. It escalates and enhances the distance between him and his ex family. New beginnings effectively cancel out old endings to a narcissist.


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