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When Your Ex Moves On

when your ex moves on

When Your Ex Moves On
By the author of The Man Attracter.


When Your Ex Moves On

It is hard when your ex moves on. And, especially hard if you have not.

Perhaps you still had hopes and dreams of reuniting, and now those dreams are ruined. Your ex has moved on with someone new, they no longer are single, unattached or available.

The reasonable thing to do is to move on yourself. Of course, we all know that what is reasonable is not always feasible.

Part of our barrier to move on is the fact that we cannot give up those dreams of having a future together. In this case, giving up the past also signifies giving up the future.

Another barrier you may have when your ex moves on is the fact that you feel you have to stop loving your ex, and this you cannot do. Well, let me tell you, that belief is a fallacy. There is no reason why you have to stop loving your ex. It is perfectly okay to love someone that you do not have in your life. If you loved someone that dies, you would not try to stop loving him or her, right? So why try when you separate from someone who is alive? It doesn't make sense, and trying to not love someone only keeps you trapped in the 'moments' you had with them and prevents you from moving on yourself.

If you truly loved your ex then it is possible to wish him happiness when your ex moves on. When you love someone, you want him or her to be happy – even if it is with another person.

When your ex moves on you may feel jealous, too. After all, you know how your ex feels, how they think, how they behave – and you probably know them intimately, as well. Perhaps you always thought of them as 'yours' and now you see that they are not 'yours'. And that may be where the pain stems from. It helps to remember that your ex was not a piece of property. He or she was not anymore 'yours' than he or she is the new person's. Your ex is not an object. Therefore, while it may 'look' as if he or she belongs to someone else, it helps to know that your ex can only truly belong to himself or herself.

When your ex moves on you will have a 'transitional' period, but, before you know it, you will have moved on yourself … once you 'let' yourself move on by letting go of the past and by accepting that the relationship is over.

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