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Ways to Make Him Fall in Love

ways to make him fall in love

Ways to Make Him Fall in Love
By Tigress Luv, author of The Man Attracter.


Ways to make him fall in love

So you are looking for ways to make him fall in love? One of the secrets to making him fall in love with you is for you to not appear to need him to love you.

As you may know, 'need' can chase many a guy away.

There are many methods to make him attracted to you, but I know of only one real secret to make him fall in love with you. It is in a book I wrote, so, of course, I cannot reveal that secret here!

Ways to make him fall in love are therefore, not discussed here ... but we will tell you how to make him more attracted to you. (This will help you in making him fall in love with you!)

1) Be more feminine. Men love women who are very much in touch with their feminine side. So, feel free to scream at that spider!

2) Charm. No man can resist a woman's charm.

3) Smile. It is contagious. Do not be a 'Negative Nellie' downer all the time.  Be happy!

4) Don't become overly attached to him. This comes off as needy and clingy and can make you appear to be very unattractive!

5) Keep your own life your own life. In other words, do not be an open book. Men like a little mystery, so leave some mystery about you. You do not have to tell him all about every second of your life up until the minute he met you.

6) Show self-assurance. Just as you like a man that is self-assured and confident, so does he feel attracted to a woman that likes herself – and even spoils herself a little.

7) But do not show too much self-assurance. See, you do not have to come off as a warrior; remember, he may be attracted to confidence, but he is also attracted to your femininity – and this means that you are to behave as the 'weaker' sex. Play on his natural desire to 'protect' you. It is okay to be somewhat of a damsel in distress every now and then. There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing your nails while he changes your flat. Just make sure you thank and appreciate that big ol' macho man for all that he does do.

While the ways to make him fall in love are actually about getting him and keeping him attracted to you, they are not necessarily ways to make him fall in love.


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