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Ways to Get Him Back

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Ways to Get Your Ex-boyfriend Back
By Tigress Luv, author of The Man Attracter.


Ways to Get Him Back

First off, I am going to assume that you are looking for ways to get him back – and not ways to get back at him! (Although, the methods for doing both are uncannily similar.)

Just want to make that clear from the get-go.

Therefore, if it is ways to get him back that you are looking for then you are in the right place.

The most important thing to remember when wanting your boyfriend to come back to you is that he left you for a reason.

Even if you deny it.

The reason could be that he was not happy being in a relationship.

Maybe he found somebody that he thought would be better for him, or that made him happier.

Maybe you had some flaw that he could not accept, or maybe you had some faults that he was not man enough to deal with. Most men do NOT want to have to be in a relationship that they have to work on. They want a free-flowing, easy relationship … and they want to feel a little challenged to prove their worthiness. This leads to our next point…

….Maybe you were too attached, too dependent, too needy or too clingy. Men hate that. Or maybe you relied on him too much to breathe life into your lungs.

Before you can begin to learn ways to get him back, you have to come to full terms with why he left to begin with.

And from there you work on fixing what went wrong. No sense in trying to salvage a relationship that will be doomed to the same failure as before. You can learn more by reading, The 45 Reasons WHY He Dumped Your (Sorry) Ass to Begin With! at .

Next, you have to show a little mystery. This means do not be an open book. Do not chase after him. Don’t let him know what you are doing or where you are at. Let him ‘wonder’ about you. This will put you in his mind and thoughts. He cannot miss you if you do not leave!

One of the best ways to get him back is to definitely not show or display the need to get him back.

Among ways to get him back from another girl, you might want to read the downloadable report, How to Break Up a Couple at

Also, remember that men like feminine women – and good girls (no matter what they flaunt) so do not go showing off a different man every night to make him jealous. That will surely backfire on you. Moreover, do not be afraid to show your vulnerable, feminine side, as that draws men to you – including your ex-boyfriend.


To make him love you again, you can read information on the website, How to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back at .

Overall, do not feel desperate to find ways to get him back. Your desperation will show, and there is nothing that will turn an ex-boyfriend off more than a desperate, pleading ex-girlfriend – who apparently cannot move on with her life.


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