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The Enchanting Narcissist: A Synthetic, Nefarious Romeo

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The Enchanting Narcissist: A Synthetic, Nefarious Romeo


What to Expect From a Narcissist at the End
By Tigress Luv


How many of you remember the Carol Burnett show? If so, I am sure you remember how she ended many of her shows … and that is, with her mopping off the stage after the performance was over. How many of you were left to mop off the stage after the narcissist's performance was over?


The narcissist views the world as his audience. Wealth, possessions, talents ... anything he can exploit, he will. Everything, everybody and every minute he uses to stage himself... even if it was all financed from your very own pocketbook, or at his family's expense. Most all victims of a narcissist are left alone to 'mop off his stage' in his wake.


It does not matter to the narcissist the mess or the bind he heaps behind him onto those he has 'spent'. I used to call this chewing 'em up and then spitting 'em out when he was through. Because that is exactly what the narcissist does. He uses you and sucks you dry, then spits you out and walks away as if nothing had ever happened. He has a complete disregard to the bills, the debts, the misery and the grief he leaves behind. It is as if you never existed. He effortlessly moves on to his new victim with a callous disregard to those he leaves behind.


My narcissistic ex, after years of mooching free housing, new vehicles, limo rides and musical instruments out of me, left me with kids, seven dogs, two mortgages, three car payments and thousands of dollars in other debts. And, after almost ten years, he was then off flaunting another woman in my face in a matter of days… and telling everybody in town that I was a psycho bitch. Unfortunately, I can pretty much guarantee that 99% of those reading this has had the same thing -- or something very similar -- happen to them.


This is the narcissist's way. It varies slightly from victim to victim, but pretty much stays along the same course.


A narcissist has no remorse, no feelings, and no guilt for the mess he leaves behind. He effectively blames his victim and frees himself from all responsibility. Nothing is ever his fault. Nothing.


If you find yourself the victim of a narcissist, know that he will go 'above and beyond' what is reasonable to make himself look innocent and you look crazy. That is his method of insuring that he never has to face himself and his actions: honest self-reflection would crack his mirror. He will project everything bad that he is and does back onto you and hold you guilty of his very own negative behavior and unhealthy actions.


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