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Summer Fling: When Love Ends With the Warm Weather

Summer Fling: When Love Ends With the Warm Weather
by Tigress Luv, The Breakup Guru

summer flingSummer flings are wonderful. They are light, fanciful and carefree.

Because you enter the relationship with no expectations, you do not feel the pressure to make commitments. Likewise, you are not attached to the ‘dream' part of the relationship, either, because you know it will end. This means not being caught up in the dream of future holidays, the grandkids, or where you will buy your first home!

However, unfortunately, sometimes your heart does not listen to your factual brain. Your heart does fall in love – and hard – and by the time summer is over you are devastated to be facing the loss of a future together with each other.

Sure, you promise to write, to text, to talk often and ‘friend' each other on Facebook. Yet, somehow, that is just not the same as waking up snuggled in each other's arms, or going to sleep comfortably spooned next to each other. A poke on Facebook is not the same as sharing an intimate cocktail under a full moon with the sound of waves lapping on the beach nearby.

And we all know that texting – and even sexting – is no replacement for long, lingering kisses wrapped up in the scent of each other's delicious aroma.

It helps to know that goodbye does not necessary represent the actual end. There is always next summer. There are always holiday weekends. In addition, there are always air flights out at a moment's notice.

However, be aware that, while absence may make the heart grow fonder, time may also lessen the withdrawal from the attachment. You may find that, as time rolls by, your heart forgets just a little bit more and more each day. And, someday, all you will have left are delicious memories of that one summer with that one person and that one perfect fantasy of a perfect love.


So, when that summer fling is over, will you cry? Or will you rejoice forever the memory of that one summer of love?

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