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How Do I Stop Her From Leaving Me?

stop her from leavingHow Do I Stop Her From Leaving Me?
By Tigress Luv, Author of How To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back


Few things hurt worse in this world than being left by someone who means the world to you.


Of course, you want to do everything in your power to stop her from leaving you. And, the good news is, there are a few things you can do!


The very first thing you need to do, though, is to find out why she is leaving you. It may not be for the reasons you think! Women leave men for all kinds of reasons…many of which some men are never even aware of.


There is a fine line here that you have to walk … you have to try to stop her from leaving, without looking pathetic. LOL. Sorry, but that is the truth. Sometimes when we beg, when we get humble, when we plead, or when we try and make bargains we look weak, wimpy, and worthless. You have to find that happy medium where you can get across to her enough to make her not leave you, without looking like the fool on the hill.


How do I stop her from leaving me, and stop her from moving on without looking pathetic? Well, it helps tremendously to arm you with the reasons ‘why' men are dumped. There is a free report I wrote naming all the reasons why women leave men…and some of those reasons may ring true to your situation when you read them. You will find a link to the report at the end of this article.


Sadly, sometimes women just fall out of love.  When we become too familiar and open in a relationship, we lose a lot of our mystery, too. And mystery is seductive and attractive. When you're asking yourself how to stop her from leaving me, ask yourself this too … do I still keep her spellbound with mystery and confidence? Or have I become an open book?


And don't forget the confidence part. Women stay with confident men. Women leave meek men who are unsure of themselves. These women just don't feel protected around these men or by these men. This is understandable, since a woman's basic instinct is to find a man she believes is strong enough to safeguard the family and protect the ‘nest'.


See, going back to our roots, men are attracted to breasts and hips (the hourglass figure) because they signify (to the man) a woman that is capable of carrying his offspring, bearing birth and nursing a healthy child. Whereas women are attracted to strong, confident, decisive and courageous men as they are well suited for protecting the family from enemy and foe, and they are enduring enough to hunt food and provide for the nest.


I understand how it hurts, we don't want to lose the person we love and we want to know how do I stop her from leaving me before it is too late. While you want to arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible before you make your move to keep her, because if you make the wrong move you may just push her further away! And that you don't want to do!


The steps you should take are learning why men are dumped; learning how to be the man that women never leave; and then you'll get to know how to get her to stop from leaving you.  Good luck!


~Tigress Luv

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