This site lovingly dedicated in memory of
SunSmile Schelley, our Lifted Hearts Angel


(A note about this letter: Schelley wrote this letter from her hospital bed just a couple of days before she died. Schelley had cancer and she knew she only had 'hours' left to live when she wrote it. She had her mom help prop her up in her hospital bed and get her a laptop, and from there she wrote these words just for YOU. Please read them.)


SunSmile Schelley
May 9, 1971 - Sept 12, 2007


Hi all you beautiful people….. You let me into your lives and your hearts and shared with me a part of your experience, for this I am eternally grateful.


We have all gone through so many hard times and good times and we have all shared them, and held each other up, sometimes with brutal honesty yet compassion, and sometimes with a kind shoulder to cry on and to simply listen. I know you all will continue to be there for each other and stick by each other through the roller coaster ride that we go through on our amazing lives.


There are many sayings that are coming to mind but these shine through:


1. Worrying doesn’t empty tomorrow of its troubles, it only empties today of its strength.


2. Don’t feel fear or be threatened by differences and disagreements but instead see them as a process of discovery.


3. Life is the sum total of our experiences, so live it and experience it all as it makes you who you are today and who you are going to be tomorrow.


I have lived an amazing life, I have seen so much of the world and through this amazing site (thanks Tig) have got to meet all the amazing people of the world, and that’s what you are, the true definition of the world – a global sea of compassion.


You are people who are facing their problems not hiding away from them or pushing them away, you are stronger than you all think.


it takes courage to speak out about our issues,


it takes courage to face our true fears and admit them to everyone, even more so ourselves,


it takes courage to say hey, I'm not perfect, I have made a mistake,


it takes courage to forgive yourself and look to the future with anticipation of what is coming,


So, see you are all more courageous and stronger than you think, you didn’t walk away from your problems or deny them, you are standing there face to face and fighting them, so stand and fight them together like we always have, help each other and simply be there for each other when the fighting starts to wear you down and lift each other back up to where you want to be.


Do not settle for less than any of you deserve, you all deserve the world.


I love you all,


Schelley xoxo




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