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Daily Rituals and Why You Should Dump Them after a Breakup

break up habitDaily Rituals and Why You Should Dump Them after a Breakup


Relationships are like habits. Some are bad habits. All are hard to break.


And, just like breaking a habit, a relationship breakup causes our everyday life to be somewhat off-kilter and out-of-sync.


If you know anything about habits, you know that it is the ritual part that is often the most difficult part to overcome. For instance, having that cup of coffee every morning, that glass of wine with dinner, or that cigarette after slipping behind the wheel. All of these are habits, and habits are hard to break.


Relationships are the same way. Every Friday night you meet at Pierre's Bistro for dinner. Twice a month you visit his grandmother and help her around her house. Wednesday is movie night and at exactly 9:30 p.m. every night you text each other 'good night'.


Now this has all come to a complete and abrupt end. The relationship has ended and the breakup has left you feeling a big void and absence in your 'everyday' life.


It helps when making the transition from couple to singlehood a lot easier if you realize that most of your nervousness, stress and emotional pain after the breakup are simply caused by your body, mind and soul going through a withdrawal of something that it has become quite accustomed to.


To help speed up the withdrawal stage of a breakup and move on with your life, you may want to shake things up by developing new 'rituals'. Start running every morning instead of checking your Facebook page for his morning greeting. Change the furniture around in your bedroom and purchase new bedding. Stop feeling the absence of those Wednesday movie nights by making Wednesday nights the night you meet friends for a drink after work.


Even something as simple as changing your favorite body spray or hairstyle can help you start on a new ritual and breeze through the end of an old one.


When your breakup gives you a case of nervous withdrawal symptoms, you may try our suggestion of replacing one habit or ritual for another ritual and see what a difference it makes. Just remember, make the new ritual or habit a good and healthy one.



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