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Negative Emotions Can Destroy Your Happiness

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Negative Emotions After a Breakup Can Destroy Your Happiness
By the author of How to Get Over a Breakup.

We are only as strong as our weakest emotion, and no more. Our weakest emotion is our ruling force; therefore, the slightest decay in healthy emotions can lead to a life of misery. Because of this, you should always attend to the health of your emotions. Learn where your negative emotions come from, why you feel them, and how to deal with them when they become unhealthy.


Just one unhealthy emotion – no matter how small or weak you may think it is – can result in a lifetime of unhappiness, reckless behavior, self-destruction and even criminal conduct. Unchecked and untended negative emotions can destroy people’s lives, so make sure that while you are taking care of the health of your physical body that your emotions are being well nourished, as well.


Emotions are psychological reactions to situations or events in your life. Anger, resentment, grief, and loneliness are among the most common of the negative emotions.


Anger usually results when we feel we are powerless or not in control of a certain situation, person or life style. Anger is abated when you can learn to ‘let go’ of trying to control everything and everybody around you. Understanding others have the right to live and do as they choose, and accepting their right to do so, also helps with letting go of anger.


Grief results when we experience a loss in our life. The loss could be of a person or a pet, or even a job, a vehicle, a sentimental possession, a relationship, or even your home. We can also grieve the loss of trust, fidelity and commitment or our support system; or the loss of a status, standing or position in the community, church or other social network. Grief is abated when acceptance of the loss occurs. It is in the fighting of 'accepting' these losses that causes the most pain associated with grief.


Resentment is a negative emotion that stems from dependency on others. When we look towards others to bring our sun up each morning, we can easily become resentful. Pointing the finger outwards, and blaming someone else or something else should our lives go wrong only causes our resentment to grow. Take control over your own choices and learn to accept when things don’t go your way. After all, nobody ever promised you a rose garden. If one road dead-ends, take a different path. Don’t sit on a log at the end of the road and angrily point at the road for the next 50 years of your life.


Loneliness is a tricky one, because it is not only an emotion, it is also a state of being. Feeling alone and unloved is one of the hardest state-of-minds to be in. Unfortunately, learning to love your own company is a lot easier said than it is done. As ‘pack animals’ we yearn for companionship and a life partner. We have good, personal feedback when someone is in love with us, or enjoys our company, and we feel rejection, isolation, shame and even self-hatred when we are alone not by ‘choice’, or when we feel unlovable, ostracized or shunned by our peers, or when we feel nobody truly knows us or understands us on the inside. Although it may sound cliché, accepting yourself and embracing who you are really does help fight off loneliness.


Others common negative emotions may include ‘the guilt-trip’, abandonment, shame, worthlessness, labeled, powerless, rejection, bitterness, and overwhelmed. Understanding your negative emotions stops them from overriding your happiness and controlling your life. Unchecked negative emotions can lead to chronic depression. Depression causes negative emotions to become addictive. We start to feel comfortable only in a negative state-of-mind. Chronic depression is a cancer of the soul; it eats away at it until there are no healthy emotions left.

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