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The Narcissistic Rage

narcissist rage

The Narcissistic Rage
By Tigress Luv, author of The Counterfeit Heart


The narcissist will lure you in with sweetness, compliments and deception. Then bring you to your knees with cruelty, criticism and disregard. He will then blame you and abandon you, leaving you with a closed heart and carrying his castoff heavy load. This he labels justifiable payback.


He is paying you back for loving him, for seeing him as he really is, flaws and all. He is paying you back for failing to believe his lies. He is paying you back for being weak enough to have once believed his act. He is paying you back for being stupid enough to love him. He is paying you back for risking exposing him (as the fraud he really is). And he is paying you back for being brave enough to stand up to him.


In other words, he is paying you back for not blowing fairy dust up his ass.


Most all narcissists will follow this path.


Beware; the narcissist is an empty shell that relies on you to create life in him by feeding him your admiration and adoration. If this stops, for any reason at all, and no matter how briefly, he will go into a narcissistic rage.


The narcissistic rage is meant to do two things, and two things only – bring you to your knees with his punishment and eliminate your worth and merit, thereby eliminating your opinions of him.


The narcissistic rage is not something you want to experience. It’s intense, full of insults, belittling, distancing, devaluing, silent snubbing, and often involves turning your friends – and even your family – against you.


The more the narcissist can devalue and demonize you, the less your words or opinions matter or are valid. The rage is intended to punish you, yes, but it is also meant to devalue you in such a way that what you think and say about him has no merit.

Those who have experienced the first narcissistic rage are often taken aback. Where is that perfect Romeo he once was? Truth is, that man never existed. It was a fabrication, a ‘front’... all staged to get compliments and adoration out of you.

The narcissistic rager? That is the real deal. It gets worse from here on out. You can’t fix, mend, cure or overcome narcissism. You should just leave. Now.


Read my story of narcissist rage here.


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