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Post-Narcissist Stress Disorder (PNSD)

PTSD narcissist stress disorderPost-Narcissist Stress Disorder (PNSD)
By Tigress Luv,, author of 'Counterfeit Heart' and 'Daily Inspirations for Those Recovering from a Narcissist'


Similar to PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) people who have once shared their life with a narcissist may go through corresponding occurrences resembling the symptoms of PTSD. Maybe we should call it PNSD or Post-Narcissist Stress Disorder.


Post-traumatic stress disorder develops after one has experienced an event or action that causes intense fear, disbelief, helplessness or horror.


While it is common to have a period of adjusting and coping after a narcissist, for many these periods of difficult adjustments may continue for quite a while. With time, attitude adjustment, letting go of the narcissist and giving the narcissism back to the narcissist (it is THEIR problem and ISSUE, no longer yours) and taking care of you, such traumatic reactions usually get better and dissipate completely.


Anything can bring on a PNSD...even things as simple as the familiar smell of his/her cologne on a stranger walking by, a song playing on the radio, even certain foods. It doesn't matter what brings you back to that terrifying nightmare ... what does matter is that instantly & out-of-the-blue you are transported back to a time in your life that was mentally and emotionally disturbing. These identifiers are called 'triggers'.



1) intrusive memories of the narcissist -- these may be memories that had a sudden onset caused by a 'trigger', or memories that are continuous and lingering
2) avoidance and emotional numbing
3) anxiety and increased emotional volatility


Symptoms of intrusive memories of the narcissist may include:



Symptoms of avoidance and emotional numbing may include:



Symptoms of anxiety and increased emotional volatility may include:


The narcissist experience may haunt you for a long time. It may interrupt your daily life and activities, and invade you at any unforeseen moment. You can get 100 facts, tips, and encouragements to help you understand and recover from the narcissist here. For more help in recovering please read my Daily Breakup Inspirations for those Recovering from a Narcissist or read the 4-ebook set on narcissism at Breaking Up With Your Narcissist.


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