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poem about a narcissistThe Scarlet "N" (poem)
By Tigress Luv,


I've partnered with cheaters
who were never true
and insecure beaters
who beat me black-and-blue


I’ve had no turtle-doving
from my men not so nice
they were rude and unloving
and cold as ice


I've had those who were empty
and whose promises they broke
and those whose whole demeanor
was nothing but a joke


I’ve had men forever drunk
who left me without hope
and those who really stunk
from lack of using soap


I’ve had mopers, and dopers, and interlopers
liars, and whiners, and fear-of-flyers
creepers, and sleepers, and those not-for-keepers
snorers and borers and those endless whorers


One was a martyr
but another a crook
who sponged off of me
all my money he took


But the worst I’ve had
was this one man by far
for you see, my dear,
he was a false tsar

His ambiance and fake charm
was the honed trap he did spring
the false persona seemed warm
hiding the evil he’d bring

He made me smile and laugh
and I gave him my heart’s keys
then his mask did come off
and brought me to my knees


Not only did he make me fall
but the little bastard bloke
blew up like a puffball
when my spirit he broke


So ladies if you need a man to kiss
that'll make even serial killers look sweeter
go find yourself a narcissist
he’ll make all the others look like keepers

By Tigress Luv

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