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The narcissist makes you feel guilty. The narcissist makes you feel bad. Narcissists make you feel crazy.

narcissist makes you feelThe Narcissist Makes Your Feel Bad, Guilty and Crazy
By Tigress Luv,


The narcissist makes you feel guilty.
The narcissist makes you feel bad.
Narcissists make you feel crazy.


The narcissist feeds his or her ego by holding power over you – and your emotions. The narcissist is well trained in making people feel a variety of emotions.


In the beginning, he or she held all the power by their ability to control your good emotions and positive reactions. The narcissist did this by feeding you charm, imitating the perfect mate for you, and making you fall in love with this false façade….or rather, the person the narcissist pretended to be. He or she is all-powerful in their ability to wear the mask of goodness and perfection at this stage.


Don’t feel embarrassed that you fell for the act, as the narcissist can manipulate anybody. Doctors, lawyers, priests, police, and even an entire nation, are not beyond the narcissist’s abilities to manipulate. The narcissist is a very dangerous person. The narcissist in power is devastation.


He or she will read you, learn your needs, hopes, wants and desires, and then create a character that is so perfect for you it will make your head spin and your heart flutter. The narcissist sets out to emulate the perfect partner for you, and they will succeed. Their charm is unending and their performance spot-on.


But soon the real narcissist emerges. This is usually immediately after the very first time you spot that ‘something-is-not-quite-right’ in them.


The narcissist then continues to feed his or her ego by controlling your bad emotions and negative reactions…


He or she will:
* shame and humiliate you
* insult you
* demonize you
* gaslight you


Then they will point the finger at you and blame you for being upset (and insult you once again) … even calling you crazy, out-of-control, manipulating, hateful and spiteful. Basically, he or she will call you everything that they are. This is referred to as narcissistic ‘projection’. The narcissist will convincingly accuse you of being exactly the same things that he or she is most guilty of being.


Then the narcissist will leave you, deserting and abandoning you (right after they've brought you to your knees) to go tell all their friends, family, co-workers and perfect strangers how crazy you really are. Their histrionics, tears and sadness about their horrible situation (i.e. having to put up with 'you') will be part of their show. And it is a ‘show’. They love their spectators and audience, wallowing in the rewards of their admiration and his or her control over them – and over your social life and well-being.


The worst part is you just can't explain this to the average nonprofessional. Especially when the average person has been so duped by the charming narcissist that it is almost impossible for them not to believe his or her stories.


You do look bad and crazy. He or she does look like the damaged party. And maybe, just maybe, you feel guilty about it.


And it hurts to be so alone in knowing the truth.


But you can take back your power.


The narcissist makes you feel guilty.
The narcissist makes you feel bad.
Narcissists make you feel crazy.


The key word is ‘makes’. See, you are not bad nor crazy nor have you done anything wrong to feel bad about. It’s all one big game to the narcissist – a game of manipulating you to feel these things or to feel this way. Don’t let them ‘make’ you feel bad, guilty, or crazy.


The more you acknowledge them, their accusations, their belittling ... the more they will continue to do it. Simply by refusing to deal with them you usually bore the narcissist to tears. They will soon be on their merry way, making somebody else feel crazy, feel bad or feel guilty.


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By Tigress Luv

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