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Does the Narcissist Have Emotions, and What Emotions Does the Narcissist Feel?
By Tigress Luv, The Breakup Guru and Author of The Counterfeit Heart

What emotions do narcissists have or what emotions do narcissists feel?


Before tainting his or herself with guilt, depression, pity, sorrow, sympathy, insight, rapport, understanding, misery, conscious, empathy, remorse, affinity, benevolence, grief, compassion or other human emotions cognizant to another’s pain, hardship or bad fortune – even that of which is directly caused by the narcissist – the hollow narcissist selects to just ‘turn-off’; to shut down, to be empty, to be indifferent and to feel apathy. The narcissist chooses to just 'un-be'.


The same goes with another’s good fortune or joy. The narcissist is (inwardly) neither happy for them, nor celebratory or joyful in their good fortune or accomplishments (unless he or she benefits directly from them, too). In fact, the narcissist may actually feel anger, bitterness, resentment and envy of another’s good fortunes or luck, and may even secretly wish for setbacks and failure to befall the other person.


Although, in both scenarios, the narcissist may choose to display none of these reactions, and, in fact, may appear to be just the opposite – very sympathetic and supportive for another’s misfortune, and very congratulatory and joyful with another’s good-fortunes. This display is ‘performed’ only in the instance where they are still able to receive narcissistic supply from their victim.


So, if you are wondering if narcissists feel emotions, or wondering what emotions the narcissist actually feels, just ask yourself ‘what’s in it for him or her’ at that time? If nothing is in it for the narcissist, then he or she feels nothing in return. If the narcissist has a chance to gain from a situation, then he or she feels hopeful and happy. If other people gain from the situation (such as another couple falling in love, or someone getting a promotion or coming into a lot of money), then he or she feels envy and hate ... and lots of bitter anger.


Remember, the emotions that a narcissist ‘feels’ and the emotions that the narcissist ‘displays’ to you or others are two completely different things.


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