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Narcissists Feel Emotions

narcissist feel

Narcissists have feelings and do feel emotions.
By Tigress Luv, The Breakup Guru and Author of The Counterfeit Heart

Do narcissists feel and do narcissists have emotions? YES! Unfortunately, we tend to assign regular human emotions to the narcissist, forgetting that they can only feel first-person emotions -- emotions necessary for self-protection and preservation of their ego --, and nothing else.


These first-person emotions include...

REGARDING OTHERS: indignation, anger, jealousy, envy, outrage, fear, scorn, bitterness, disinterest, opportunity, annoyance, destruction, resentment, judgement, detachment, accountable, scrutiny, devaluing, contempt, resentment, wrath, displeasure, disdain, apathy, disinterest, and loathing.

REGARDING SELF: sanctimonious, pride, self-elation, exaggerated self-importance, unaccountable, deserving, misunderstood, and self-honor and -respect.

The narcissist’s list of emotions do NOT include compassion, togetherness, empathy, understanding, sacrificial, shame, guilt, benevolence, sympathy, unconditional love, respect for others, joy for others, caring, patience, compunction, pity, supportive, unity, goodwill, appreciation, generosity, worry for others, normal attachment and closeness.

The narcissist is a crazy mix of being both defensive and offensive. It’s no wonder how they ALWAYS end up destroying the people closest to them.


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