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Narcissistic Deception and Narcissist Deceit
By Tigress Luv, The Breakup Guru and Author of The Counterfeit Heart

Narcissistic Deception and Narcissist Deceit


Every romantic thing once said or done by the narcissists was a hoax. ‘Bait-and-switch’ is what it is referred to on the street – and the tactic is as old as dirt. Once you see this, the reality of the situation is so overwhelmingly inconceivable to you. You just fell victim to ‘narcissist deceit’.


But how? How could somebody as good as you have been so thoroughly deceived? The answer is because of exactly that reason -- you were good. You did not comprehend being deceived or lied to – simply because the concept of such behavior is ‘unnatural’ to you. You see, the easiest people for the narcissist to fool with his narcissistic deception are the ones with gentle souls and honest, good characters – because these type of people see and hear only the good in other people, and they do not easily pick-up on the evil as much as a more ‘seasoned’ (dishonest) person would. Evil, lies and maltreatment is 'overwhelmingly inconceivable' to decent people.


Narcissists prey on gentle, open souls. The more good of a person you are, the more likely you will be his victim. And the harder you will fall.


The narcissist deceit will start from the very first time you two meet. His charm is contrived, his compliments well-honed and perfected to elicit a positive response from you. He is a skilled Adonis, a sweet-talking Lothario. If there were to be a school that taught the skill of deception by using the art of charming people, you could bet the deceitful narcissist would be headmaster … and founder


Remember these words below. They describe the ‘hidden’ behavior of a narcissist during the first few weeks/months: trick, mislead, bamboozle, con, deceive, delude, dupe, fake out, flimflam, fox, hoax, hoodwink, lead on, make believe, play a trick on, play-act, pretend, put on, put one over on, scam, snow, spoof, suck in, take in, trifle.


What you will feel is: adorable, admired, approved, beautiful, cherished, comforted, defended, desired, exalted, honored, idolized, important, intelligent, loved, protected, revered, special, supported,  treasured, understood, unique, validated, valued, wanted, worshipped.


Then these more obvious and blatant actions/behaviors from the narcissist will follow: abolishment, bad-mouthing, banishing, brushing off,  cast off, cast out, chase away, contempt,  debasement, declining, demonize, depreciating, deride, despise, detachment, detest, devaluing, disband, discarding, disdain, dismissive, dispense with, dispersing, dispose of, disregard, dissolve, do without, drive away, drive out, drop, eliminate, eradicate, exclusion, excommunication, exile, expatriate,  expel, force out, have done with, have no use for, kick out, kiss off, isolating, laugh away, lay aside, letting go, let out, loathing, lock out, mock, ostracizing, oust, pooh-poohing, pushing aside, push back, rejecting, release, relegate, relinquish, remove, repel, repudiate, repulse, ridding of, ridicule, scoffing, scorn, sending away, send off, send packing, set aside, sequestering, shake off, shelve, shutting out, slighting, slough off, sneering, spurn, supersede, sweep away, taunting, turn out.


An enticement method such as the narcissist deceit can make you feel so special and beautiful and wanted, loved, or adored one week … and the next week make you feel like you invented the first week in your head. Nothing was real, nothing was true, and nothing was actual or authentic. You mistakenly wonder what you did wrong. You were a victim of narcissistic deception and the entire beginning of the relationship was just an elaborate, well-rehearsed scam meant to hoodwink you into feeding him his narcissistic supply.

Narcissist deceit is a way the narcissist has of pretending to have a conscience and a soul and to sucker you into his web of torture where he sucks all he can out of you before killing your soul off and spitting your leftover, empty shell back out. And it hurts like hell. One minute you feel like Cinderella, the next minute you feel like an ogre.


After the narcissist, you may feel as if you will never be able to trust the genuineness of any other person ever again. You may be scarred for life. This is how deeply the poison of the narcissist deceit and narcissistic deception will affect you.


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