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When it Comes to Narcissists -- BUYER BEWARE!

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When it Comes to Narcissists -- BUYER BEWARE!
By Tigress Luv, The Breakup Guru and Author of The Counterfeit Heart

What a gift! Lucky you! You have just snagged yourself your dream house. The first time you step onto its lush lawn you are in Heaven. The exterior is just so charming that it feels like something right out of a fairy tale. Its magnificence is breathtaking, painted in a sunny, daffodil color and accented by homey porches and bright white trim. Natural rock adorns its welcoming path, while emerald blades of grass blanket the velvet lawn and the most exquisite of birds sing sweet lullabies amid the perfumed tree blossoms. The garden is beautiful, with exotic fragrant bouquets of all your favorite flowers, and out on the pretty patio there is the finest furniture – furniture that seems to be custom built just to fit you! The house is so charming and impressive that everybody that sees it wants to be near it, and soon admirers line up-and-down your street. It’s amazing, too, because the lawn furniture seems to be custom-fitted to the guests, also.


For a few, dreamy months you’re lulled by its comfortable beauty, – snuggled up on your porch, drinking in the fragrance and ambiance, feeling pride of ownership you subconsciously hold a smug arrogance over all the admirers. You must be very special! You think you must be in Heaven, for sure, as nothing this perfect can be here on Earth, let alone yours.  You are giddy with love for this new place of yours!


Then one day, as you rest there on your porch most contently, basking in its glory, the door to the house suddenly whips open and in an unexpected instant out wields an ugly, sinister hand. Before you know it, the hand has snatched you by your hair and sucked you into the unexpectedly dark interior of the house.


And inside everything changes.


As opposed to the bright, lush exterior, the inner core of the house is black, cold, ominous and foreboding. The windows are all covered with thick, dark drapes so that no sunlight reaches in. The smell of decay is overwhelming as you sense years of rotting waste and the decomposing flesh of past victims. The interior is barren, except for poisonous insects – parasites waiting to feed off you –, and venomous snakes which hiss at you as you scurry by … and all your attempts at placing protective boundaries up against these leeches fail. The sound of vile anger echoes throughout; loud shrieking, offensive vocalizations and low, snarling growls suffocate your senses and you instantly question your sanity – in fact, you question your very life. Stumbling over the gnawed-on, bleached-white bones of previous inhabitants, you try desperately to exit, blindly feeling along the dark, putrid walls looking for the door you entered through. You start clawing at the barriers restraining you in your frantic effort to return to the safety and serenity of the beautiful exterior. But the door has disappeared. You are stuck inside, no escape. Left to suffer. This is now your life. You’ll never be welcomed back to the beautiful outside exterior again.


Welcome to your new narcissist. Won’t you step inside and meet your hell?


(The clever narcissist – a relationship psychopath – tricks his/her prey with outer charm, mimicking their prey like a chameleon in an effort to make their prey feel more relaxed and oblivious to the danger – comfortable enough to let down their barriers and ease in closer. This is called 'love-bombing'. Then the narcissist pounces. The narcissist is an ‘Unreal Estate Broker’, an Unrealtor. Don’t buy what he/she is trying to sell you.)


And, let's not forget an added bonus to this sale: The narcissist will BLAME YOU for the interior condition of the house -- or tell you that you're ‘imagining it’ and that it's all 'in your head'! He/she will tell all the admirers waiting outside that you’re crazy or that you are directly responsible for the decrepit shape of the interior of the house.

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AFTERSHOCK: The Magazine for Moving On From a Narcissist. Read the magazine online now....totally 100% FREE!



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