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Ebook Excerpt ...Make Your Life Perfect (From the ebook Daily Inspirations for those Recovering from a Narcissist).
by Tigress Luv

"There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still." ~Franklin D. Roosevelt


Giving away my age here, I remember that – as a young child and young adult (living in Chicago) – we only received about four or five television stations; they were VHF stations '2', '5', '7', '9', and I think either channel 10 or 11 was a public broadcast channel. Then there were the UHF channels '32', '45', and '63'. If you were lucky – very, very lucky – with some real fine-tuning of the UHF channel selector you would be able to tune in one of these UHF channels. This was great, if you could, because these channels often showed those old, classic movies such as Dracula, The Werewolf, The Bowery Boys, and Sherlock Holmes. Oh, and my personal favorite, Dagwood and Blondie.


But the process of tuning them in was very tricky! The channel selector was touchy, and tune it just a nano-micro-click too far to the right or to the left and you would lose the channel. Help was often found in homemade television antennas that oftentimes consisted of coat hangers and aluminum/tin foil.


The point is that we were simply just one small adjustment away from zoning into the right frequency that would make everything all work correctly again.


Our lives are like that, too. We are not often aware of this but our lives are usually just one small adjustment away from being perfect. We all subconsciously know what that one little adjustment is, but for some reason or another, we very seldom initiate any efforts to make that one small adjustment.


Recently I watched a movie entitled, 'How Do You Know'. There is a scene (and it's one of my all-time favorites!) in the movie where Lisa (Reese Witherspoon), whose life has become an unhappy mess, is opening a gift given to her by George (Paul Rudd) who patiently watches her taking her time unwrapping it. Once unwrapped she finds the gift is simply a container of yellow 'Play-Doh'.


Lisa: "Play-Doh?"
George: "this is only half of the gift..."
Lisa: "Ya?"

George: "It doesn't work without the story..."


 At this point he begins to tell Lisa the 'story' behind Play-Doh.

George: "....this stuff was invented by this man in Ohio as white goo and he used it to remove soot off of wallpaper caused from old-fashioned heating. So when gas and electric heating came in there was no longer a need for the cleaning goo ... um ... so the guy was going under when his sister-in-law, who's a nursery school teacher..."

Lisa interrupts: "Hey, is this a true story?"

George nods yes and continues, "....the man's name is Joe McVicker. His sister-in-law was Kay Zufall."
Lisa: "OK, I believe you."

George: "So Kay Zufall discovered that her little kids liked squeezing the goo a lot more than hard modeling clay ... so she suggested to her brother-in-law, Joe, they color the stuff and call it 'Play-Doh'.

Lisa: "Hey, nice."


George then takes the Play-Doh from Lisa and points to it, saying, "So I have kept this as proof that we're all just one small adjustment away from making our lives work. You can see why I got this for you, can't you?"


(Let me just add that Joe McVicker became a millionaire before his 27th birthday after he re-released his wallpaper goo as a child's toy; Play-Doh. Oh, and by the way, National Play-Doh Day is September 18th!)


So what one small adjustment are you away from making your life work?


~~Today I will ask myself what that one small adjustment is that is keeping me away from making my life work. Whether it be changing jobs, stopping smoking, admitting denial, or removing myself from toxic people, there is just one small amendment to my life that I can make to set my life right.


Today I will admit to myself what that one small adjustment is and then I will change it and make my life work.


Just for today I will fine-tune my life by just one small shift or modification, thereby bringing my life back into an enjoyable focus. Just for today I will not be afraid to initiate that one small adjustment that keeps me just one minor alteration from a complete and happy life. ~~




"If you keep banging your head against the wall
you'll never notice the solid ground beneath your feet." ~Tigress Luv


"Whatever you are, be a good one." Abraham Lincoln


"Everyone is made up of the substance that makes one worth being known." ~Tigress Luv


"Sometimes the mind knows what the heart denies." ~Tigress Luv


"The best way to have a great future is to leave a bad past." ~Tigress Luv




Excerpt taken from my ebook daily inspirations for those recovering from a narcissist. Alternatively, you can read about my narcissistic breakup and get help in understanding and healing here.


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