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The How Can I Make My Ex Jealous (and get him or her to notice me again)?

How Can I Make My Ex Jealous?
By Tigress Luv


make ex jealousSo he/she has left you and now you want them to pay? Maybe you want to make them jealous because you feel that they are taking you for granted? Or, perhaps, you want to make them jealous to gain back their attraction?


Either way, the question remains, "How can I make my ex jealous?"


Quite simply, the answer lies in the reason why.


If you want to make them jealous because you want them back, then the answer is to just live well and show apathy towards them. Do not beg, do not plead. Do not be needy. Get on with your life. (You can read my report on getting your ex back at The Breakup Eraser)


If your ex is a narcissist, the reason you want to make them jealous may be perhaps to make them a little sorry that they left you (or you left them) by seeing that your life is so awesome. Narcissists are attracted to people who have awesome lives, who are popular, or whose name carries weight. If you want to make the narcissist jealous, you must first make them envious. Show them what a great catch you are. Become a success at whatever you do. Hang out with the rich and the famous. Own a fabulous house, boat, car, truck, motorcycle, or guitar. Open a profitable business or get a big promotion. And, perhaps the best, BE MORE POPULAR THAN THEY ARE.


If you are in a relationship right now and you are wondering, 'how can I make my boyfriend jealous?' or ‘how can I make my girlfriend jealous?’ because you want to gain their attraction or their attention back again, or you want them to stop taking you for granted, then the answer is really pretty simple: stop paying them attention. Start living life for you. Make plans that do not include them. Have friends that they do not know. The secret here is to not wonder what they are up to but to make them wonder what you are up to.


Now, if you have broken up with someone and you want to make your ex jealous, you merely need to look fabulous and date again. And date happily (that means get rid of that woeful, miserable look you have been dragging around since the breakup). Now, do not play with another’s heartstrings simply to make your ex jealous, but if you look fabulous, if you are stunning, and if there just happens to be ten people of the opposite sex hanging on your every word, that's surely going to make any ex jealous. And sorry that they ever left you, lost you or let you go.


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Well, now you have it. Different reasons to want to make someone jealous and the different ways to answer your question, how can I make my ex jealous?

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