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The New 'What I've Learned'

I've learned

The New I've Learned
By Tigress Luv, The Breakup Guru


I've learned that I can't save the world
And that it certainly isn't going to save me
I've learned that nobody and nothing is forever
And the more I think it is, the more I will hurt when it's gone
I've learned that the other woman gets the romantic proposal
After the man has come to me for advice on how to do it
I've learned that elegant dining, wining and romance is for other couples
And that I get the empty, lonely nights and rerun TV
I've learned that people aren't my true friends
And that my true friends aren't people
I've learned that the more I love someone
The less they cherish and respect me back
I've learned that the more I love myself
The more others will want to destroy me
I've learned that in all my relationships there were two people
The gentle-hearted giver and the cold-hearted taker; guess which one was me
I've learned that even when I've helped the masses
Nobody will be there to help me
I've learned that of all the sob stories I've listened to
No one has ever heard mine
I've learned that all the money, love, time and thoughtfulness I have put into gifts over the years
Has never been paid back in kind, even once
I've learned that no matter how honest and good I live my life
Someone will take advantage of me in a heartbeat
I've learned that no matter how many years I paid faithfully on time
Creditors will happily ruin my life forever should I be just a few days late because my appendix ruptured
I've learned that I had to be strong to bear the heavy load of what men have dumped on my back
And that men don't like strong women
I've learned that no matter how clean my body and soul
The dirty ho gets all the attention
I've learned that I'm too old for the men my age
And too smart for the men of all ages
I've learned that a few, well-staged fake tears by a damsel-in-distress can get her a new car
While I eke by on my clunker's title loans and goodwill shopping
I've learned that life can be the loneliest place on the planet
If you aren't all 'cutesy', petite, flirtatious and play 'stupid'
I've learned that I'm only as worthy and valuable
As my bank account statements, and not one penny more
I've learned that if there is a God
He feels like one of evil, not of a 'cryptic' love as claimed
I've learned the stronger I am
The more weak I become
I've learned that 10,000 will read this and 9,999 will say I'm a self-pitying and bitter person
But only one will say 'how true'
I've learned that 9,999 people will read this and will be ignorant to it all
And one who will read this and cry
And I've learned that when I die
No one will miss me…but my dog


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