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How Will a Narcissist Punish You

will the narcissist punish you

How will a narcissist punish you?
By Tigress Luv, The Breakup Guru and Author of The Counterfeit Heart

So, you were entrapped by his 'faked' charm – and ended up catching yourself a narcissist? Now it is over (thank Gawd!) and you are wondering how will a narcissist punish you?

Well, first off, do know that the narcissist will punish you. No doubt there. Once you finally realize that you fell in love with a fabricated 'image' of a man the 'real man' materializes. He will then punish and destroy you until you have been bled dry, but -- even then -- he will still keep poking at you just to make sure he has not missed anything.

First off, the narcissist will punish you for unearthing his evil self. That, alone, is worth 50 lashes from his honed tongue. Bear in mind that verbal flogging, alone, from a narcissist is the equivalent of a death sentence. You could not possibly understand this until you have 'barely' lived through such an ordeal. He is also an expert as knowing your emotional flaws, self-doubts and weaknesses. Whatever you have a problem with – whether it be low self-esteem or pointed ears – he will zero in on that and work it in like a tick in your lip.


….prepare yourself. Once you see the 'real man', the insults and belittling will commence. Then you have the anger. The less you admire him and the more you find (or point out) his true faults, the angrier he will become.

Nevertheless, he has not finished yet. Okay, you were wondering how will a narcissist punish you, right? Well, you did not believe it would stop with just verbal insults and anger, did you?

NOPE! The narcissist will punish you in so many different ways; you will not know who you are when he is finished. He will strip you of your pride; turn your own children and family against you. He can make you lose your job. He can cause a whole, entire community to exile or banish you.  He can even steal your longtime friends away from you.

He can cut off your financial supply. He can hide assets and get the home (that you most likely paid for) and car from you.

This man is so believable, even seasoned judges will fall for his glory. Your own family will fall for it. The narcissist can fool even trained psychologists. Hell, he can even make you feel like you are in the wrong and he is the injured party here. (Never forget you are dealing with a pro here. He has been perfecting his manipulative, people skills since he was knee-high to a grasshopper.)

How will a narcissist punish you depends, too, on the narcissist. Some may just walk away, leaving you holding the bag (I CALL THIS 'MOPPING OFF HIS STAGE'). He dumps all the bills on you, the mortgages, the kids, insurance, house and vehicle repairs, and debts … all of it. He calmly walks away and in a matter of a week has a new girlfriend/fiancé with a new family and a new life. You are dead to him. Not even one drop of sad remorse, regret or guilt.


However, this is not all, if he is anything like my narcissist he has a lot more punishing ways left in his arsenal. First off, it is as if you never even existed after decades of paying his way and taking his shit. Next, not only has he dumped all the household bills and responsibilities on you, too, but he will then go around town telling everybody that you are psycho and that you stole his identity (because some of the bills he dumped on YOU to pay may still be in his name, or in both of your names).

Still wondering how will a narcissist punish you? Try this test. What do you value the most? Your success? Your stamina? Your social network? Your education? Your emotional wellbeing? Your physical fitness? Your looks? Your financial stability? Figure out what you value the most – and guard it with your life. Because that is what the narcissist will use to punish you.

Preparing yourself by knowing what to expect is half the battle. Nevertheless, somewhere along the line you will be hurt, you will be punished, and you will suffer at the hands of a narcissist.

How will a narcissist punish you? For more information read my report, living with, loving and leaving a narcissist.


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