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How to Get Your Girlfriend to Come Back to You

how to win your ex-girlfriend back

How to Win Your Girlfriend Back
By Tigress Luv, author of The Breakup Eraser


How to Win Your Girlfriend Back

Do you want to know how to win your girlfriend back, or how to get your girlfriend to come back to you? This is a tricky situation, and it depends a lot on why you lost her to begin with.

For instance, let us say that you do not know why your girlfriend broke up with you. Nevertheless, she did and she left you for someone new. Moreover, you cannot figure out where you went wrong. Well, sometimes we lose women just by ‘not’ doing anything wrong … or rather, by being perfect boyfriends. I am not saying that you should be mean, or beat her, or cheat on her … or anything like that. I am just saying that sometimes men can be too accommodating and too willing to please. When a man is like this, a woman may view him as a weak person. Men are attracted to the weaker sex just as women are attracted to the stronger sex. Too much compliancy makes you seem weak and not strong. For more on this read, Women Really Do Love Bastards.

If you want to know how to win your girlfriend back after you messed up (and shame on you!) then the best thing to do is to show her you have changed. Now, I did not say ‘tell her’ you have changed, I said ‘show her’. This means that you should show her you’ve changed by displaying maturity, understanding (and empathetic compassion) to her complaints, and by literally NOT doing whatever it is that she has a complaint about. If she complains about your lack of ambition, go back to school, or apply for a better job. If she complained about your running around with your guy friends and ignoring her, then stop running around with them. Get it? STOP doing whatever her grievance was that she had about you.

If you want to win your girlfriend back and you have been begging her and stalking her and calling her and texting her and pleading with her…then STOP! This does not make you more attractive in her eyes, this behavior only makes you look needy and weak and sociopathic. Not at all the behavior of a Real Man (at least, not in an ex-girlfriend’s eyes)

How to win your girlfriend back has nothing to do with any specific trick. It has to do with fixing what you did wrong, and stopping what you are still doing wrong.

It also has to do with knowing your ex-girlfriend. When you know her well, you know what would and would not work with her. For example, I know a girl who only wanted men who did not want her. She was very much attracted to the challenge and the chase. If this were your girlfriend then it would be easy for you to regain her interest simply by stopping that awful chasing after her and start walking away – and maybe even walking away towards somebody new (just do not hurt some innocent girl’s heart by trying to gain the jealousy and attention of another!) They call this tactic the ‘runaway until you catch them’ tactic. And it works.

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