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Secret Tips to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

how to get ex boyfriend back

Five Secret Tips to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back


Break ups are always hard. The hardest kind of break up, however, occurs when one person is ready to move on and the other is still interested in continuing the relationship. If you have recently suffered a break up that was not of your choosing, you can probably relate to this. Do you want to get your ex boyfriend back? These secret tips are the best strategy to bring your ex boyfriend back into your life:


1. Don't stalk him.


Avoid obsessively text messaging, calling, and social networking your ex boyfriend. Don't "happen to show up" where you know he's hanging out. This kind of behavior will not only freak him out, it will make you look like a fool. Worse, it will damage your chances of getting your ex boyfriend back almost beyond repair.


2. Write him a letter.


Set aside some quiet time when you know you won't be disturbed. Write your ex boyfriend a letter in which you reminisce about the warm times you shared, vent about the painful experiences, and reveal anything you wish you had told him earlier.  Now, throw the letter into a metal trash can and set it on fire. Never send this letter--ever! Watching it burn will give you some emotional closure and allow you to fully heal on your own.


3. Work on yourself.


Ask your friends for help. Explain that you are turning over a new leaf and you want to become a stronger, kinder person. Avoid complaining or crying to your friends about your ex boyfriend. Do something nice for yourself, like going on a short trip or buying a new outfit. Start an exercise program. Open a savings account. Think of as many ways as possible to move forward in a positive way.


4. Be mature.


If you occasionally run into your ex, or if he calls you, be polite and friendly. Don't ignore his friends or say mean things about them. You don't need to advertise your feelings all over town. This way, your ex will simply see you behaving with dignity, but he will have no idea how you truly feel about him. This is important because you do not want to come off as distant, nor do you want to be an easy catch.


5. Go on dates.


Don't be that desperate girl who jumps into bed with the first guy she meets after a break up. However, if someone asks you on a date, go ahead. You can be friendly without leading anyone on. Your ex boyfriend will see you as desirable, and he will also wonder if you are getting involved with someone else. Also, you will have fun and possibly make new friends.


If you follow these five tips faithfully, you will not only feel better about yourself, but you will have a great chance of winning back your ex boyfriend. And better yet, you will be well equipped to make your new relationship with your ex work out successfully.


Unfortunately, sometimes the more you push for contact, the further your ex-boyfriend is likely to retreat. In an effort to re-establish communication with him, you may actually be harming your chances of getting back together with your ex-boyfriend. If you want to know how to get your ex-boyfriend back, more accurate and specific advice is available at The Breakup Eraser -- because not all ex-boyfriends will easily fall for the methods listed here.


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