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How to Get Back at Your Ex

how to get back at your ex

How to Get Back at Your Ex
By the author of How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back.


Get Back at Your Ex

You want to know how to get back at your ex. It’s not only easy to do, but it’s fun as well!

First off, you do not give him the satisfaction of knowing he hurt you and that you are devastated. If you want to get back at your ex, act as if there is nothing to get back at him about.

You may have to pretend the part, but by being brave, strong and all together in front of him (and everybody who knows him) you will have the power to get back at him in your hands.

Next, go home. That is, go home and make a plan on how to perfect yourself.

That is right! If you want to get back at your ex, start with making him eat his heart out!

Start with the super-hot, hard as a rock, sexy body! Walking is great after your breakup; you get to walk off those tears, clear your head (more oxygen reaches your brain when you walk), work on some super sexy legs, and get a nice radiating glow (tan, if you are not a sun-prude) to your skin color. You will also get some very pretty and natural golden streaks in your hair. Now that’s sun-kissed sexy!

Once you get the physical awesomeness of your body right where you want it, you can now work on how to get back at your ex by becoming a hot victory! Join a competition and compete to win something. Jogging, hang-gliding, mountain climbing, horseback riding, pool tournaments, car racing, softball, volleyball, bowling, golf, even karaoke…the list goes on and on. Get your name in the paper!


Speaking of getting your name in the paper, you can write an article, opinion, editorial, or rebuttal about a local event, town history, or even an ‘off the main street’ business. Send it to the paper.

Become famous! Ok, that may not be easily attainable, but you can make a name for yourself. Run for a seat in your city government. Get on the board of a prominent and well-liked group or a ‘good-cause’ club. Start a charity drive that not only does well for the charity, but also shows the world (including your ex) what a great soul you have. It is a double win.

Buy an investment. Oh, that means increase your net worth. Become his landlady. Own his favorite bar. Sponsor his sports group. You get the picture! You get richer – he gets more regretful. (You did say you want to get back at your ex, correct?)

Upgrade. Get yourself a hot, new lover. (Do not use people though! Nobody wants to be the ‘get-back’ guy!) Post about the new guy all over your Facebook page. Tons of hot photos. Tweet about him. Brag about him!

Get over your grief and anger and be happy! If you want to get back at your ex, show him that he mattered very little to you. And the best way to do that is to live happy. And be happy!

OK, since we are talking about getting back at your ex, let me tell you what NOT to do! Do not prank him. Do not stalk him. Do not do damage to his car or property. Do not trash him. Do not talk about him to everybody. Do not beg, cry or plead with him for anything! Do not call or contact him for help (as some of you damsels like to do) … that means if you get a flat tire call a friend, or call roadside service. Hear someone breaking in? Call a cop. Do not call your ex. It only makes you look pathetic, and looking pathetic is NOT going to get back at him!

Now if you followed the above advice on how to get back at your ex, you should have him or her regretting losing you in no time flat! Of course, if your plan was to get your ex back in the romantic way you might want to read my other report, the Breakup Eraser, or you may want to read my report on how to break free from their spell over you.


Good luck on your mission!


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