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How to Get an Ex Back After Months of Being Apart

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How to Get an Ex Back After Months
By Tigress Luv, The Breakup Guru, author of The Breakup Eraser.


How to Get Your Ex Back After Months of Being Apart


If you are wondering how to get an ex back after months you will find that it is easier to get your ex back after months of being apart, simply because all the fresh wounds have healed and the hurts have lessened with time.


The first few days and weeks of a breakup are a difficult period. If someone you loved and trusted had done something to betray you, the wounds are still fresh and the hurting still deep. After a few months have passed, the pain diminishes and the anger, if any, subsides.


Additionally, once the pain diminishes both parties start to remember more of the good times and less of the bad times. This is in your favor to how to get an ex back after months.


There is also the option of entering the relationship afresh and anew. Hopefully you have dumped all your old baggage and are a 'changed-for-the-better' person. This makes you more attractive and desirable.


Add to this, you will once again have the air of mystery. After all, your ex has no idea what you have been up to for the last few months. If you truly want to know how to get an ex back after months then you must perfect the ‘new’ you and initiate the chase all over again. Your ex has already ‘caught’ and ‘released’ the old you, so make your ex intrigued by the new you.


And, most people are more openly receptive to their ex after a period of time has passed.


You should be at your best by now. The pain has eased. You have worked on the problems and issues that may have caused the breakdown of your relationship. Moreover, you have bettered yourself, as we all better ourselves after a painful breakup.


1: Play on the air of mystery. This will make you more intriguing.


2: Recall the good times. This will make you appear more ideal and less unappealing. Do not bring up the bad times. At all.


3. Show that you are a changed (for the better) person. Do not say you have changed; show your ex that you have changed by way of your actions and behaviors.


4. Stay in touch with your gender. Women need to be more feminine, graceful and charming – and less domineering (see How to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back for more on this). Men need to be more powerful and unyielding (but not too extreme!). For more on this read, women really do love bastards or How to Win Your Girlfriend Back.


5. Don’t beg for a second chance. This is just a plain turn-off. Pleading, begging, and crying … they are all tactics that will make you look pathetic, not desirable.

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