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Help! He Broke Up With Me For No Reason!

he broke up with me for no reason

Help! He Broke Up With Me For No Reason!
By Tigress Luv, author of The Breakup Eraser


"He broke up with me for no reason…"

….or so you think. Many times women will say that! "He broke up with me for no reason." However, there is always a reason. Moreover, most of the time it has nothing to do with you.

Perhaps the relationship was not giving him what he needed or wanted.

Perhaps he found somebody that he felt was better suited for him.

Perhaps he just did not want to be in a relationship at the time.

Perhaps he did not feel about you the way he thought he should.


Perhaps he simply lost his attraction to you, and fell out of love (click here to learn how to make him love you again).

You may think he broke up with me for no reason…but the truth is that there was a reason that he broke up with you.

If he did not break up with you because of his own needs or wants then he might have broken up with you for the reason of something you did wrong. Perhaps you were too clingy or needy, or just not his type.

I had a boyfriend once and I thought we got along great – but there were just too many differences for us to work out as a couple. That is not to say that there was anything wrong with either of us, just that are differences were too great not to ignore.

Sometimes, too, he broke up with you for no reason other than he just was not ready to be in a committed relationship. Maybe he got scared, or got cold feet.
In addition, maybe you just cannot see that there were flaws in your behavior that turned him away from you.

We sometimes say he broke up with me for no reason when what we really want to have is some closure so that we can let the relationship go and move on with our life. Learning why a relationship failed helps give us closure, and when relationships just seem to end for no reason it is hard for us to just let them go and move on. There are too many unanswered questions.

When you feel like he broke up with you for no reason, it is best to just accept it as his choice and accept that him breaking up with you was about him and that it had nothing to do with anything you did wrong, or did not do right. Sometimes relationships just end.

Next time don’t say he broke up with you for no reason, say, instead, that he broke up with you because he failed to be able to make the relationship grow.

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