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Advice on Getting Over a Breakup

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Getting Over a Breakup
By the author of The Man Attracter.


Getting Over a Breakup


Getting over a breakup is never easy. The good thing is that breakups make us grow both emotionally and spiritually. We actually come out of the breakup a much better person than when we went into it. This makes for better relationships down the road.

A few things are basic when it comes to getting over a breakup. Typical grieving means you go through stages. I am sure you know all about the stages of grief. From denial, to bargaining, to anger, to depression, to acceptance. You will go through the whole gamut.

However, there are some things that most people do not consider when getting over a breakup. Such as, the simple fact that not everybody grieves for the same reason! Sometimes grieving is more than just sadness over the loss of somebody or something. Some people grieve for reasons that they just cannot figure out.

You could have previous established or hidden emotional disorders or dysfunctions that will leave you feeling more than just the normal grief. Getting over a breakup may also signify change in your life. And not many people welcome change. We become comfortable with the day-to-day routines of our lives and we may get shaky should those normal routines change or alter in any way.

We can also become addicted to our grief. When you replace your ex partner in your life with the new grief in your life you become reliant and comfortable within your own misery. The grief, itself, becomes a familiar part of your everyday existence.

Other factors also influence how we handle getting over a breakup, and that is why sometimes your everyday, generic advice is not going to help. I wrote a report about getting over a breakup that talks about the other reasons why you may be so stuck in the pain … it also talks about the tools for a healthy recovery. There is too much information in the eBook to write it all here, but it is available to read right now if you want to. Go to Getting Over a Breakup for more information. (You will love it!)


Sometimes breakups force changes on us that we do not welcome. Other times we blame ourselves for the breakdown of the relationship, and that forces us to carry a lot of guilt around with us on top of the grief. Still other times we find that all our damaged emotions from years in the past can resurface when we are faced with a breakup, making us feel totally defeated and hopeless.

Getting over a breakup involves gratefulness, awareness and the determination to work through each step – and to not become trapped in any one of the steps or in any of the pain. Too often, we get trapped in a step, or in the hurt, and we cannot find our way out.

There is absolutely nothing good about being trapped in hurt emotions, all while looking out at the world that you desperately want to belong to once again. If you feel trapped by the pain and feel you are not getting over the breakup, it is time to seek professional advice, or to read further at Getting Over a Breakup. Once you understand your emotions, your hurt, your fears and your desires better, you will be able to breeze right through the breakup of your relationship as if it were just a weekend getaway.


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