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The Female Narcissist

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The Female Narcissist
By Tigress Luv, author of The Counterfeit Heart


The female narcissist.
In the beginning:
To your face she's sensual, charming -- a delightfully delicate little damsel in need of your saving. She makes you feel masculine and sexy. You give your all to her. She's great in bed, she flatters you, tells you that you're the best sexual partner she's ever had. She tells you of her horrible life, and that all her exes were abusive. You feel an innate urge to rescue her from these past demons and keep her safe, spoil her rotten. She makes you feel just so machismo!  
Behind your back she's cheating on you with your best friend, cutting you down, and robbing you blind. She takes everything from you and gives you nothing in return. You are blindsided. She is a female narcissist.
After awhile:
The female narcissist no longer hides her cold-hearted evilness, nor feigns emotions for you. Unless she wants something from you; she can purr her way into getting anything -- from anybody. You have been discarded for someone new, someone better, someone more powerful, more richer, more duped. She strips you of your masculinity and power, shames you. False claims of your abusiveness pour freely from her mouth.

Her? She has moved on to a new knight. She is a female narcissist.
And you? You'll never be the same again.


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