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When Nobody Loves You

feeling unlovableWhen a Breakup Makes You Feel Unlovable


Sometimes we come out of a relationship feeling unlovable. Maybe the rejection felt from a breakup or being dumped left us feeling that way. Maybe the feelings of failure that resulted from a failed attempt at having a good relationship made us feel that way. Or maybe we were in a verbally abusive relationship where we were told we were unlovable so many times that we became to believe it.


When one doesn't feel worthy of love, or they feel they are lacking the ingredients needed to be loved, they can spend the rest of their lives alone. Feeling unlovable makes your self-confidence level drop. It depletes you of self-esteem and makes you feel awkward and uncomfortable around those of the opposite sex.


It's hard to overcome the feelings of being unlovable. It doesn't matter how great of a person you are, or how wonderful your assets, how good your soul, or how beautiful you are – if you feel unlovable you will remain either unloved or stuck in the begging end of your relationship.


You must get rid of those feelings, gain back your confidence, and see yourself as being very much loveable. You have to get back out there and not worry about rejection. Who cares if you are rejected once or twice ... it's just nature's way of weeding out the misfits for you! You should be happy that you are rejected every now-and-then because that rejection spares you from wasting your time with someone who is all wrong for you – and who wouldn't appreciate you, anyway – and it leaves you one person closer to finding your dream mate.


Remember, you are loveable, you are worthy of love, adoration and admiration. How do I know? Losers don't read my articles. They're not aware of anything or anyone! If you are reading this that means you care, you feel, you're real … you're loveable!


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