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Why Do I Feel Empty Inside?

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When You Feel Empty Inside
By Tigress Luv, author of The Breakup Eraser


Do you ever feel empty inside?


I feel empty inside, sometimes. We all feel empty inside. What makes one feel empty inside?  This happens when we feel like nobody can really, truly relate to us in an intimate, understanding way.

We may be in a room with a hundred people, including family and friends, and still feel empty inside.

We may feel alone, without connections and without love. However, this simply means that we do not feel someone actually knows our heart.

Relationships are great in that your partner knows your heart. This special sharing creates an intimate and comfortable feeling. All of a sudden you’re not alone in the world, for there is another person who shares your feelings, your fears, your emotions, your highs and lows, your worries, your pain, your laughter, your joy, your anticipation, your pride, your accomplishments, your everything!

Oftentimes those who feel the emptiest inside simply do not know how to love themselves. In fact, quite often, they do not even know themselves. They need a partner or a mate in order to feel alive.

Breakups, therefore, can especially leave us to feel empty inside. We have been able to live, breathe and feel vicariously through another for a long time and now we must learn to do all these things through ourselves. We are left to feel alone, empty, hollow, and without life. People may talk to us but we are just an empty shell. Either answering them out of reflex or politeness, but not really listening or sharing.

Sometimes we spend so much time trying to please others, and trying to get to know others, that we neglect to get to know ourselves. We are left feeling empty and lonely – and alone even in a crowded room.

It is perfectly okay to get to know yourself, to get to know your likes and dislikes, to come to an understanding of your feelings and fears … and to think that you are the greatest thing to ever have walked this planet. Do not feel uncomfortable finding yourself, or hugging yourself.

You cannot love someone and attach to them in a healthy way if you do not love and know yourself first. So go ahead and hug yourself. Our arms are just long enough to embrace ourselves, so try it. Spend a day with you. Curled up on the couch, or at a spa. Just open up and feel your emotions, and learn whom you are and what you are all about. You just may never feel empty inside again.

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