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The Electronic Breakup – Breaking Up and the Age of Social Media

The Electronic Breakup – Breaking Up and the Age of Social Media
by Tigress Luv


It is an amazingly funny thing: the Facebook status update. Sometimes people learn that their partner has broken up with them simply by logging in to their social media account.

"Lindy has gone from being in a relationship to being single." Hit 'LIKE' if you agree.

If you have ever broke up over Facebook or Twitter, you will surely agree that it is not the nicest, most discreet way to break up with someone – or to get dumped yourself.

The other day I happened to notice that a friend on my Facebook page posted the status update that he was calling off his wedding. Surprised the heck out of me for just yesterday he was still 'single'. I wonder if his now-ex-bride-to-be-of -only–few-hours found out that her own wedding was called off by checking out her Facebook page (when she first logged on after their fight).

Then there are the so-and-so is 'in a relationship' to so-and-so 'is single' and 'friending' and 'unfriending' status updates that go on every time the two have a disagreement. Ah, but for now let us concentrate on the…EX vs. EX spying and belittling that goes on. It is no fun to be in on, and even less fun to see these two openly and publicly arguing with each other on their status updates. Some things are private, and what happened between the two of them last night after every one left the party is not something we all care to know. Sorry.

And the ugly stuff can sure hit the airways once the breakup goes to commencing! For some, they will find that their 'now-ex' has all of a sudden added 250 people of the opposite sex to their friend list…and is openly flirting with each one of them. This is all done in the hopes that their estranged will see their Facebook page (that they have all of a sudden now set to 'public') and get so jealous that either they will regret breaking up with them or they will feel hurt that they are now being so easily 'replaced'.

Another thing that either party may do is to leave 'cryptic' messages, hoping that their ex will get the 'drift' of the message where others may – or may not – understand it. Examples of some cryptic post-breakup messages are:

"I was sitting outside today and it iust hit me that I really dislike people who have to always be 'right'. Especially if they're stupid and don't know what they're talking about ever. Hit 'like' if you agree with me."

"Some women dress like whores."

"Some people just don't know how to treat others. Some people need to be decked."

What is not so obvious to others is that they are cryptically calling their exes names in a non-obvious way. Only the 'exes' will get the jest of their cryptic posts, I.E. … You are dumb. You are a ho. You are an ignoramus.

Next, comes the scolding and bashing from each other's closest social circle…

"What you did to Marcy was horrible and I hope you rot in he**!"

"Joey posted about you being a backstabbing ho so GOODBYE to you, GF!"

Oh my, you can see how the electronic breakup can cause such an 'electronic' war. Before you know it, people are in huge battles, bashing and screaming and moaning and crying for the entire world to see their business in CAPITAL LETTERS and in 'shared' profound statements written cleverly over images.

bitch facebook
"It's NOT that I'm a bitch, it's that YOU are B ITCH-MAKER!"

Our suggestion? If you breakup, do it in private. If your ex insists on making it public on his or her Facebook or Twitter page then set your page to 'private', ban anybody's page that you think might write something offensive that would hurt you or your ex's feelings, and then resist the urge to post, update or tweet your pain away.

Oh, and by the way. I just read that the wedding's back on. They must have made up. For now.


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