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How to Get Your Ex on The Phone After You Broke Up

ending bad relationshipHow to Get Your Ex on The Phone After a Bad Breakup


It's been a few days or weeks since you broke up with your ex or vice-versa, and you're hoping your ex will call. It's been a sad road and you want the ex back. Breaking up is always difficult and moving on is even harder. If your ex broke up with you, it may be hard to get him or her on the phone, or to get your ex to call. You might notice your calls and text messages are being ignored. If your partner was the one who called it off, or if it was an especially bad breakup, it's important to let some time pass before dialing his or her number.


Give it a couple of weeks so that you have time to reflect back on your relationship. Maybe there were significant reasons your partner broke up with you. If it was your fault, you need to take responsibility and be genuine on fixing it. Always take everything into perspective before reaching for the phone. You may figure out the two of you are better off without each other and that you broke up for a reason.


A lot of exes act desperate at the end of a relationship. It's the worse way to try and get your ex on the phone. If you are calling on a constant basis, it will annoy your ex and he or she will never pick up the phone. Don't leave a string of voicemail messages or text messages. If your ex sees that you can't live without them, it gives them more power and control. It's important to try and live your own life. When there is time apart without any contact, it will give your ex a chance to miss you.


Don't use excuses or stories as a way to get your ex to call you back. Remember, if it sounds lame, he or she will see right through it. Many exes use the "I left my sweater at your house and need to pick it up" tactic. If it was a bad breakup, don't expect to see your stuff right away. Your ex should return your call if you leave a simple message without a hidden agenda. Leave one message after some time has passed. For example, you can leave "Please let me know if you would like your stuff back. I have it in a box ready to be picked up or I can drop it off." If you do get your ex on the phone, try to keep the same level-headed response. Remember, breakups can be hard and if you don't hear back, life will go on.


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