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Ex-boyfriend Behavior

ex boyfriend's behavior

Ex Boyfriend Behavior


When you were with your ex boyfriend you knew everything about him, but now he seems to be doing things that completely surprise you!


Firstly, do not try to read anything into your ex-boyfriend’s behavior. Most people get lax and comfortable in a relationship, and then when the relationship ends they realize that they had let themselves go somewhat.  If this happened to your ex boyfriend, your ex boyfriend's behavior most likely will have changed. Suddenly he is acting out or doing things that take you completely off guard. Relax, it is just him changing from couplehood to singlehood. Nothing in his behavior is anything to be alarmed about,


Your ex boyfriend's behavior may seem strange to you, but try to realize that he is changing, too, as you are. Breakups are often like a metamorphosis. We need to change a lot to get through the sudden loss of someone in our lives.


You ex boyfriend may have taken up with another girl soon after your split, but he is just testing his wings. He is not comfortable, yet, in to being alone, and so another girl will help keep him company while he goes through the breakup. Remember, your ex boyfriend's behavior probably has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with him. So do not take it personally.


He also may be trying to keep himself busy to distract himself from the pain and grief that often accompanies a breakup. This may alter his behavior somewhat as you now see him doing things that he never did with you, or acting and behaving in ways that are not part of his natural character as you know and remember it.


This may include a change in his weight, his clothing style, or even his job or car. All perfectly natural. I always say that breakups are there to help us grow as a person; I have done my greatest growth after my breakups.


Your ex boyfriend behavior may also include a sudden exclusion of you in his life. This is also perfectly normal. He has to learn to live without you before he can learn to live beside you in a non-romantic way.


So, never fear about your ex boyfriend and his behavior. Instead, try to do some growing and metamorphosizing of your own. Spread your own wings and learn to fly solo. You will have a blast!

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