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Ending a Bad Relationship

ending bad relationshipFour Considerations Before Ending a Bad Relationship


It is a great feeling to be in a loving partnership. Likewise, it is unpleasant to reach the conclusion that ending a bad relationship would be good for you. Building a relationship with your partner required a lot of hard work. As your relationship developed over time, you passed through good and bad times together. And then your relationship hit a pothole (or a huge speed bump). Now, you have doubts. Where do you begin to decide something this important, especially if you love your partner and can’t imagine life as a single person?


There is never an ideal time for ending a bad relationship. As the person considering whether it is time to move on, you have many aspects of your relationship to weigh. Consider these four factors before ending a bad relationship.


Evaluating How You Feel


The first consideration before ending a bad relationship involves your feelings. Certainly, ending a bad relationship releases you from most current relationship problems. Over the long term, will you be better off without your mate? Or, will you regret ending this important bond?


Safeguarding Your Interests


The second factor to think about before ending a bad relationship concerns your personal interests, especially financial matters. Have you acquired assets jointly with your partner? Unless you are legally bound by marriage or a domestic partnership, you might have some gray legal areas when it comes to dividing assets. An attorney can provide legal advice for all types of relationships in which assets must be divided. Don’t leave your financial accounts and property to chance.


Long-Term Benefits of Time Invested


Another relevant factor before ending a bad relationship involves the long-term benefits of working out your problems. You have invested valuable time (perhaps years) in your partner. If you think the grass will be greener in a future relationship, think again. Be prepared to get to know someone else and gauge your compatibility with a different personality.


The Possibility of Counseling


Just like any other friend or relative, your partner might be able to change his or her behavior, including how you are treated. Perhaps a partner’s bad habits or personal hang-ups have led you to consider ending a bad relationship. The relationship issues might be resolved with professional counseling. For some adults it is worth trying to establish a better relationship before jumping ship.


Really, you have many options before making a final decision. First, you can make a simple list of relationship pros and cons. Second, you can solicit advice from people who know you and your partner well. Finally, think about the impact on your mate of ending the relationship. Your actions can profoundly affect his or her wellbeing. Your decision could also potentially destroy other relationships with mutual friends.


Try to weigh your feelings against your partner’s feelings. Can you seek a peaceful resolution that benefits all parties? You don’t want to leave bad blood behind. The right method for ending a bad relationship is essential to avoid unnecessary harm. Treat your partner how you would want to be treated if you were getting dumped.



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