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Dreaming of Your Ex After a Breakup

Dreams About the Ex: What does It mean? Interpreting Your Dreams of Your Ex

By Tigress Luv

Borrowed With Permission from Daily Breakup Inspirations

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“I have had dreams and I have had nightmares, but I have conquered my nightmares because of my dreams.” ~Jonas Salk



Dreaming of the ex after a breakup?


Often when we dream we are simply mirroring what is on our mind during our every waking second. That is why when going through a breakup we have repetitive dreams – and frequently they are about our ex.


Quite often the dreams can be nightmarish, but sometimes they are sweet. However, whether they are sweet or sad – or even scary – doesn’t really matter because we’re more than likely to wake up upset, anyway. We wake up in the midst of pain, only to have to deal with the heartbreak of reality all over again.


Our ‘sweet’ dreams can make us feel good and then, upon waking, we may oftentimes try hard to get back to sleep — and back to our dream (simply because we don’t want to leave it). Alternatively, if the dream itself is a nightmare where we experience feelings of rejection, betrayal, or desertion it usually represents our waking fears, unacknowledged realities, or sadness, being transferred to our dream state. In this instance, the fear or pain creates a disturbing scene or a chilly situation.


Regardless of whether the dream is good or bad, dealing with it when we wake up can cause intense heartache and pain…a rehashing of the breakup. And sometimes this pain can be purely devastating and damaging. We can almost compare these moments to ‘post-traumatic-stress-disorder’ as they may create panic, fear, uncomfortable flashbacks or a surreal sense of being in another place or even dimension.


Sometime we subconsciously transfer our longings and fears over to our dream states, and — although many try to interpret their dreams — the plain fact is the more something is on our wakeful mind the more it will get into our dreams. Whether we’re cramming for a test, sewing up a Halloween costume, or preparing for a dinner party, if it’s on our mind a lot then most likely it may be in our dreams, too.


Therefore, we shouldn’t spend too much time trying to analyze or interpret our dreams of a recent ex. Even though the dreams may either hurt us, or even make us angry – it does help to understand that they’re often just our subconscious searching for an answer as to what happened, or living out our fear of abandonment. And, sometimes, if we really pay close attention to the dreams we may find real answers, because our subconscious may acknowledge things in our dreams that our waking heart will not.


No matter how good or bad our dreams are, they are still signs that we must learn to let go of our ex and the relationship.  Very rarely will someone who is not in denial of their breakup, who has fully accepted it, let go and moved on, have a dream about their recent ex. So we shouldn’t  put too much more importance to our dreams of our ex other than it’s a sign from deep inside us that we need to accept the breakup and move on. They are merely reflections of our subconscious fears, longings and questions.


So, please don’t waste your time searching the internet for interpretations – as you’ll more than likely only end up reading some insensible article that’s only purpose is to self-promote the misinformed author’s eBook. Most of these people really don’t know what they are talking about, but merely trying to sell you a ‘dream’ themselves – one that they probably can’t deliver.  It’s best just to work on recovering from your breakup, and to not keep rehashing it by trying to analyze your dreams.


Dreaming of the ex after a breakup is never any fun. The important thing to do is to try to change your thoughts when you go to bed; to think and concentrate on something – anything else.  (Winning the lottery, planning a garden, remodeling your bathroom … the list can go on and on.)

And another hint, if you should find yourself in a dream that you want to wake up from, then – while in your dream – try to search for either a light switch or a newspaper (and try to read the small print in the paper). Both turning on a light switch and reading the small print of a newspaper, book, etc., will wake you up or sometimes just transform one dream into another dream.


Just remember to not take your dreams too seriously. Yes, they may be disturbing, but remember that it is just your subconscious still trying to work through the breakup – and you really can’t rush a thing like that.


~~ Today I will try visualizing what I want to dream about when I am getting ready for sleep. Today I will dare to imagine bigger and better things for me as I ready myself for bed.


Just for today I will seek to understand that my mind is trying to teach me to release and move on from what my heart refuses to let go of. If tonight I should dream of my ex then I will remember that dreams may be a way for my subconscious mind to deal with my uncomfortable feelings or face my fears.


Just for today I will imagine a more accepting and peaceful tomorrow. ~~



“Living in dreams of yesterday, we find ourselves still dreaming of impossible future conquests.” ~Charles Lindbergh
“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” ~Carl Jung
“In dreams, we enter a world that’s entirely our own.” ~Steven Kloves, ‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaba’
“The lessons learned from this – what appears to be painful (a dream of your ex) – (the) breakup will give you confidence and insight into your next relationship.” ~Found Online



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