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Creating the Perfect Breakup Text Message

break up lineCreating the Perfect Breakup Text Message When Ending a Relationship


Sometimes, it's really hard to breakup with a person face to face, and if you're really looking for the easiest and least painful way out (at least, for yourself), then you might want to consider the breakup text message.


There are many advantages to using breakup text messages to end a relationship.


First, sending a breakup text message is fast. With just a few taps of your fingers on a keypad, you can send your message. This takes less than a second to do, and you'll have avoided all the trepidation and insecurity that usually accompanies a breakup that occurs in person.


Second, you'll be able to say as much or as little as you want to say in a text message. These days, you can pretty much compose any message short of a novel on your phone, so it's going to be pretty easy to say everything that you want to a person, at least initially.


Third, sending a text to break up with a person is convenient. You won't need to wait for 'the perfect moment' or the right timing to do so; whenever you feel like breaking up with a person, you can send the message immediately.


Lastly, when you break up with a person over text, you can avoid all the drama and spectacle that would usually occur during a breakup, especially if it is not an amicable one.


When sending a breakup message, keep these things in mind. The biggest problem with breaking up over text messaging is that the person that you are sending the message to can save that conversation and show it to other people. That being said, remember that you should not put anything personal or embarrassing in your text message. Just keep it short and simple; don't put anything on that text message that you will regret later on.


Another thing that you should remember is that the person you are breaking up with will probably call you back, or at least reply to your message questioning your decision. Unless you want to be pestered by your (now) ex during your daily activities, refrain from sending the breakup message unless you have time and effort to spare. Also, remember that they have feelings, too. No matter what the circumstances, refrain from hateful name-calling or accusations.


Lastly, make sure that you are 100% certain that you want to go through with the breakup before you send the text. Sending something that damaging, even in jest, is definitely something that can turn around and backfire, so make sure that you are ready to face the consequences of your breakup text message before sending it.


In short, breakup text messages are really great when you're looking for a quick and easy way out of your relationship, but at the same time, it's pretty easy to ruin a great thing because of that same ease and convenience that makes using breakup text messages so attractive to use in the first place. So unless the type of relationship that you have is something that would be easy to get over, try thinking twice before using a text message to break up with your lover.


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