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Ice Cream Mania: Eating the Pain of a Breakup Away

eating to forget the breakup painIce Cream Mania: Eating to Forget, Eating the Pain of a Breakup Away
By Tigress Luv, The Breakup Guru


Overeating and your breakup. The two go hand-in-hand. Many of us eat to forget.


It is an old standby scene from many a 'breakup movie' – eating the pain of a breakup away. Grab a carton of ice cream and shove your bare fingers into it, sugar-saturating your tears away.


I, myself, have eaten away many a problems in my life. My withdrawal from cigarettes gained me about 20 pounds of cute little chocolate ice-cream-cone dimples up-and-down my thighs. An unwanted diagnosis caught me up in a chip-binging nightmare. And the loss of a loved one blessed me with a brand new SIZE 12 wardrobe.


I must admit, though, that surviving a breakup with a narcissist brought me back down to a svelte size 5. I guess some hurt you just cannot eat away … and, in fact, some hurt breaks you so badly that you cannot eat at all. If you have ever gone through a breakup with a narcissist, you will know exactly what I am talking about when I say 'PAIN'.


We have all heard that it is okay to snack, but to do it wisely. That may be fine for most of you, but, if you are like me, carrots and celery are just not going to soothe my heartache. And chunks of broccoli is not going to cut it, either. Nope. Sugar is. Just sugar. Sugar, sugar, sugar.


The first mistake many of us make is by believing that we can force ourselves to not think about that brownie, dripping in delectable chocolate icing. Unfortunately, as human nature goes…the more we tell ourselves not to think about something. The more we will. Period. Try it. Do not think about that brownie. Are you thinking about that brownie?


So, I say, go ahead and think about it. Picture that brownie in your head; imagine yourself taking a bite out of it, licking the icing off your fingers. Mmmm, deee-LISH!  Are you satisfied now? Now, go grab a glass of water to wash it down. Only do not just imagine that. Water has a way of counteracting our cravings for sugar.


If your imagined brownie-fest does not work, you can go with the sick route. What ... is the sick route? Well, quite simply, imagine the brownie only now picture it covered in maggots, lying on the floor of a service station's public restroom. Okay, gross for sure, but, ironically, it does work.


Last, but also just importance, you can learn to redirect your focus. Have a backup 'dream' plan on hand.  For instance, when your thoughts wander to that brownie, stop and think instead about winning the lottery. What would you buy? (And, no, do not say 'a brownie!') Would you travel? Where to? Would you buy a gift for someone in your family or a close friend? Would you donate to a good cause, and what cause would that be? Why?


When we refocus on a different thought, we can actually transpose our sugar cravings to a very nice daytime fantasy!


On the flip side, I once walked away a heartache. My legs looked fantastic!

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