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Breaking Up Over the Holidays


If you were to die today, people may shake their heads in pity. Loved ones may cry or grieve. Strangers may feel sorry for you. Colleagues may give honor or respect. But, eventually, they will move on. Some may move on right away. Others may take a few days, weeks, or months. But eventually they will move on, and they will laugh again and love again and live again. And sometimes you may briefly enter their mind, but most times you won't.


If a breakup and this holiday season make you feel depressed, or, even suicidal, it's important you understand that death is final. Those around you will not stop living. They will not be consumed in self-blame or grief forever. Most won't even give it a thought after eight days, which is the average length for hard grief outside of the immediate family.


Although it may feel all-consuming right now, your pain is not forever. Your sadness won't be cured by dying. Your emptiness can't be filled by turning yourself into ash. And people who don't love you in life, aren't going to love you in death, either.


And, even if they did, what would it matter? You are dead. You won't feel it.


Move on from those who cause you pain, just as they would move on from you. Don't hand your life and happiness over to someone who wouldn't mourn the loss of you. Breakups may be hard, but they don't last forever. Heartbreak and loneliness may be hard, especially this time of year, but, it too, shall pass.


New loves, new lives and new hope springs forth only when you allow it to enter your being.


If you're lonely this holiday season, there are others who are lonely, too, and who need you more than anybody else in this world -- and they need you right now. When you rescue them, they rescue you in return. I have heard this over and over again. Bring love home for Christmas,


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