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Breakup books and breaking up advice ebooks by the Tigress Luv, the Breakup Guru


  1. NARCISSIST Advice on breaking up with a narcissistic partner! Find out what you're in for with this empathetic guide.

  2. NARCISSIST RECOVERY INSPIRATIONS NEW! Daily Breakup Inspirations for those Recovering from a Narcissist

  3. GETTING BACK TOGETHER Advice on restoring a broken relationship, stopping a breakup, and winning an ex back: Stop or Reverse a Breakup & Win Your Ex Back ebook -- THE BEST THERE IS

  4. HEALING FROM A BREAKUP Advice on how to get over a breakup and mend a broken heart. Move past the pain and feel better today!

  5. DO WOMEN LOVE BASTARDS? Why do women love those Bad Boys? Here's Tigress' guide (for men) to holding his own POWER in his relationships, with women, and in his life! Be the man she really wants you to be and she will follow you anywhere.

  6. MAKING THEM ATTRACTED TO YOU AGAIN Do you feel like your partner is no longer attracted to you? This dead-on report shows you how to win back your attraction and make them attracted to you again, PLUS it explains how and why you may have lost your attractiveness.

  7. BREAKING FREE AND LETTING GO Does someone have a magic hold over you? This guide helps you break free from your attachment to someone and how to stop feeling mesmerized by them. Letting go, letting it be, and moving on with life and past the pain is easy with this guide. Stop hurting and break free from their hold over you by clicking here now.

  8. HOW TO MAKE ANY MAN LOVE YOU What's the one 'secret' thing that makes men fall in love with women? Learn the trick her! Make any man fall in love with you no matter what you look like. The trick is here. 101 Ways to become a man magnet plus the one thing that will make a man fall in love with you

  9. GETTING A COMMITMENT PHOBE TO COMMIT Tired of fighting his commitmentphobia, while life is passing you by and all your friends are getting married and starting families? Here is your Strategic Ten-Step Plan for Winning Over Your Commitment-Phobic Lover.

  10. WHY WOMEN REALLY CHEAT Learn the real reasons why women are unfaithful! Tigress really tells it like it is! Find out why women cheat -- so you'll never be cheated on again.

  11. BREAKING FREE & LETTING GO OF A COMMITMENT PHOBEHave you ever wondered what it is about the challenge of a commitment-phobic man? Have you wondered why you are so attracted to a commitmentphobe? This guide will blow you away with its insights and epiphanies! Read it today, feel more happy & free by tonight!

    How to break someone up --- advice for not so squeamish! Want them for yourself, or do you want to win them back from somebody new? Try this method.


  14. ATTRACTING A SAGITTARIUS MAN Do you have a thing for a Sagittarius man? this guide tells you everything you need to know to make him fall in love with YOU! Including the twelve sun sign compatibility profiles with Sagittarius!

  15. ATTRACTING AN ARIES MAN The Aries Man: Attract Him, Keep Him, Win Him Back!

  16. ATTRACTING A TAURUS MAN The Taurus Man: Attract Him, Keep Him, Win Him Back!

  17. ATTRACTING A GEMINI MAN The Gemini Man: Attract Him, Keep Him, Win Him Back!

  18. ATTRACTING A LEO MAN The Leo Man: Attract Him, Keep Him, Win Him Back!

  19. ATTRACTING ACANCER MAN The Cancer Man: Attract Him, Keep Him, Win Him Back!

  20. BREAKUP INSPIRATIONS 65 Daily Breakup Inspirations!

  21. FIND OUT WHY HE DUMPED YOU (AND NEVER GTE DUMPED AGAIN) The 45 Reasons Why He Dumped Your (Sorry) Ass

  22. WIN HIM BACK Get Your Boyfriend Back : How to win his heart back ... Get Your Boyfriend Back here

  23. WIN HER BACK How to Win Back Your Ex Girlfriend eBook Kit: How to win her heart back and keep her hopelessly attached to you! Win Your Girl Back here

  24. TURN YOUR SECRET CRUSH INTO THE REAL THING We've all had them... Secret crushes. But how to get them to notice you as boyfriend or girlfriend material? Here's How to Turn a Secret Crush into a Real Relationship and Make Him or Her Fall in Love with You!

  25. HOW BE MORE ROMANTIC FOR HER Hello, Casanova! A man's guide to romance and loving women! Does she say she wants you to be more romantic? Learn the methods of being romantic now before someone who knows these methods steals her away from you.


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