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Break-up Pain: Healing Your Broken Heart

over break-up painBreak-up Pain: Healing Your Broken Heart
By Tigress Luv, Author of How To Get Over a Break-Up


You may not realize it now, but your break-up may just be the best thing that ever happened to you!


Of course, you don't feel that way right now. Right now you probably have very fresh wounds, and fresh wounds heal the slowest.  Healing your broken heart doesn't even seem possible at this stage.


You may have bitterness in your heart, which impedes your healing from your break-up pain. Forgiveness is especially hard to find when those wounds are still fresh. Understanding? Nope. Out the door when those wounds are fresh. Happiness? Who can feel happy when they have these fresh wounds? Certainly, not you, right? Nothing is working at healing your broken heart, and, you fear, nothing ever will.


Yet your break-up – as painful as it is right now – is a precursor for a better life.


And I know you're wondering how this break-up pain can be a precursor to a better life, right? Well, it's simply that the pain you feel is a funny thing...


1) The more you hurt, the more your soul opens and becomes whole and free.


2) The more you feel the impact of past mistakes the better person you can become in the future.


3) The more your heart feels heavy, the more you become understanding of your heart.


4) The more you experience a loss of something you hold special to your heart, the more open and receptive you become of the love all around you; your ability to empathize and sympathize grows, as well as your awareness. You will now be able to relate better to others.


And – putting all these together – the freer your soul, the more you understand your heart, the more love you sense in the world, the more aware you are of others, and the better a person you become just about guarantees you a better life in the future. Therefore, even though this pain is immensely heavy right now, everybody eventually walks away from his or her break-up pain a freer, better and more understanding person.


Your happiness will return, and it will be threefold. You will feel self-love, as you've never been capable of before. And you will understand yourself and others in ways that you never thought possible. Your future relationships will excel.


While healing your broken heart and experiencing the pain of a break-up your spirituality will also grow. You become closer to the earth, to everything on it, you feel more aware of the heavens. You feel not just a part of life, you feel more connected to the universe, as though you were united in a melding harmony. You become one with the universe, no longer isolated and removed. No longer a singular or a solitaire.


So, as hard as your break-up may be to handle right now – and as full of heavy sorrow your heart may be laden with – it is a metamorphosis that we all endure in our lifetime; nobody is spared its pain. We go through the arduous – yet healing –process of shedding our old life and rebirthing into a brand new one. And this process is an agonizing one. Break-ups hurt. Break-up pain is slow in healing. And healing a broken heart may seem like an impossible feat. However, through the pain, you grow and you emerge from it better than ever.


Healing from a break-up is synonymous with becoming a happier and better person with a more fulfilling life of peaceful understanding and a warming spiritual awakening.


Hang in there, it's almost over! For my help in healing your broken heart click here.


~Tigress Luv

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