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How to Break it Off With a Narcissist

emotional outHow to Break it Off With a Narcissist
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In certain relationships, the only answer to the problems is breaking up. One of those relationships is when one partner is a narcissist. Because of their personality disorder, they do not realize it when they verbally abuse you. This is why breaking up with a narcissist is often necessary, but difficult to do. It is similar to people who cannot break up with people who physically abuse them. They know they have to but they are afraid of what will happen when they do. Once you realize they are narcissistic, it can be instinct to try to change them. Although you can get them help, you cannot change them.


Because you love this person, breaking it off with a narcissist is more difficult than you would like it to be. For your own good, it would be better if you could simply walk away and wash your hands of the relationship. That is never the case with break ups with a narcissist though. To start to break it off, you have to get into the mindset that the problems in your relationship are not your fault. This realization could be earth-shattering for some people. Throughout your entire relationship, you probably were used to always being told you were the problem when in actuality it was their narcissism that was at fault.


To break it off with a narcissist, you need to begin distancing yourself from the relationship. Learn not to take the attacks personal because they are not your fault. Instead of taking the attacks, which will affect your view of yourself, understand that it simply is in their make up to attack people. You will be better off without this personal attacking in your life. Even if you love them, you should not have to be put down on a constant basis. Love should never be an excuse for verbal abuse. You are worth more than that and need to find someone who actually will value your opinions.

Breaking it off with a narcissist can be one of the most difficult things anyone will ever have to do. It really will be a one-sided break up because they will not be able to understand or realize the behavior they have been emitting. In their minds, nothing is ever their fault, so you have to prepare yourself to hear this over and over. It may seem easier to just live with it, but you have to consider all the mental pain you have been put through..

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