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Advice on Getting Over a Breakup - Being Single Rocks!

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Being Single Rocks!
By the author of How to get over a Breakup.


Getting Over a Breakup; Learn to Be Single


I know y'all think relationships are the cat’s meow, but I’m here to tell you that you are wrong, wrong, wrong. Most every single tear that I see someone shed, it is over someone else breaking his or her heart.


Relationships cause tears, heartbreak, emotional pain, betrayal, stress, and depression. People strive to get in relationships, some, even, cannot ever be alone. However, the minute they are in these relationships, they are crying all the time, they have insomnia from worry, they are stressed, they are angry, they are hurt, they are bitter, they feel sad, neglected, betrayed, angry, hurt, dismissed, misunderstood and abused. So, tell me, where’s that happy, fairytale enchantment? Ha! Poppycock! That’s all malarkey. Something you have been brainwashed into thinking.


Relationships are two weeks of bliss followed by months and/or years of emotional hardship. That’s because falling in love may be the best thing since sunshine, but being in love is not. In my book, How to Get Over a Breakup, I talk about the stages of love. The first stage, of course, is falling in love. Falling in love creates a great feeling – such a great feeling that we all strive to have it replicated, and we do this repeatedly. But being in love ‘long term’ does not recreate that feeling and it never will. It is full of disenchantments and disillusionments. And if you insist I am wrong – that your relationship is good – then I will politely have to disagree with you. No relationship is heaven; what you think is a good relationship is just a relationship where both partners have learned how to ‘tolerate’ each other’s shit nonsense and put up with the pain, mainly because they instinctively believe they need to have a partner (their primal urge to mate). They have been hardwired to mistakenly believe that even pain and stress and sadness is better than being alone.


That is such antique thinking; that’s caveman mentality. We stopped hanging witches. We stopped throwing people in volcanos to ensure that it will rain on our crops. We stopped thinking the world is square. Yet we still feel the burden to mate for life, to make vows and commitments, to hand our lives and our happiness over to that of another, forever and ever and always.


Wake up and smell the morning dew in the pine! It’s time to come out of the cave!


Marriage is no longer a requirement to our survival. Single people now raise children just as much, if not more often, than married people. Single people don’t feel hurt or betrayed all the time. They don’t cry themselves to sleep. They aren’t lied to and cheated on by someone that they have poured their trust into. They don’t expect to get their feelings of self-worth via another. They form healthy relationships with themselves, and/or with God. They learn that happiness is something you are, something inside of you, and not something that you desperately seek to find in another.


Singlehood rocks, if you don’t think of it as just a passage on a desperate mission to find a mate to cling unto for life.


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