Breakups recovery, mending a broken heart, reversing a breakup or saving a broken relationship Things don't always go right in relationships. One week your floating on Cloud Nine and the next week your crying a river of tears. Let us help you fix your broken relationship or heal your broken heart after a break up. From jilted to reunited, we walk you through the steps and stages of breaking up. More>


Relationships, inner sanctity, insight and emotions Every now and then people don't always walk hand-in-hand into the sunset. Relationships can be tricky and love can bring pain and jealousy. We'll take you back up from the lowest of emotions and bring a more clear understanding of why we do and feel the things we do and feel. We'll help you find inner peace and form a closer, more stable relationship with others. More>


Commitmentphobia, codependency, infidelity, narcissism, abuse and other issues. Not everybody is perfect, and if we did have to be perfect to be loved there would be an awful lot of lonely people in this world. We discuss the issues that bring us down and can destroy our relationships. From the silent treatment to overt stalking, from feeling hate towards our partners to love addiction or policing their every move, we got the low down on the low-down. More>
Advice and Help During the Breakdown of Your Relationship

breaking up adviceWhen your relationship is not going right, nothing in your world is going right. Whether there are personality disorders or compatibility issues within your personal relationships – or if you have been cheated on or jilted by the one you thought was 'it' – your heart will ache and your emotions will be off the charts.

Breaking up hurts. It hurts and hurts and hurts. Nobody likes to be rejected – even by people we dislike – so being rejected by someone that we love and respect adds its own special 'downer-whammy' to our lives.

And breaking up with someone who has a personality disorder, or a character flaw, can be even more devastating and damaging than a break up with a partner who has no issues at all. Yes, it is hard to leave someone who is perfect, but – guess what – perfect does not exist. You may think your partner or ex-partner is perfect – or at least perfect for you – but that is just your broken heart ‘painting them perfect’. Because nothing makes someone look more attractive than their unavailability. tries to make the breakup transition from two to one as painless as possible. We bring you articles and insights into your relationship difficulties – and we bring you some awareness and understanding of why you do the things you do, and why you feel the way you feel.

If you have broken up, it is our hope that our little place here on the web will bring you some big comfort – and ease your broken heart. We would like you to note that ‘The Breakup Guru’, Tigress Luv, wrote most of our articles here. A world of thanks for her insights, intuitiveness, and her precise perceptions of human nature.

Throughout the site you’ll find links to some of her works, including her Daily Breakup Inspirations, breakup quotes, and her beloved reports. Feel free to click on them!